Shimakaze – 81kn – 6.4km Torpedos World of Warships

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  1. First comment and … well, a construction “kamikaze” of this captain with the “torpedo accelerator”, this is unexpected, as he believed that this construction with torpedoes with a final range of 6.4 kilometers was very risky, especially since Shimakaze-san is not known for being a good gunboat.
    But that double death at 6:50 LOL minute I did not expect it at all.
    Too bad it was a loss at the end, although a part of my head said that this battle was not going to end well.
    The battle itself was not bad.

  2. Alejandro Llerena

    Torpedos de 6 .
    Eso si es de gansters

  3. sad ending 🙁

  4. Too greedy at the end, but nice overall.

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Balls of Steel – despite going against a team with 4 radar ships in Radar meta If only you popped smoke a second earlier and held your fire. Then again IJN RGB torpedoes getting spotted from the moon with an inbuilt speaker and a warning siren going off – tis unlikely.

    • It’s 1.7km vs 1.4 for the American (not mentioning 20km ones that has 2.5km detection) but the massive quantity makes it hard to avoid

  6. Torpedo reload Booster anyone?

  7. Shouldnt have opened fire at the conq, first salvo missed but it was way to risky and the back turrets hit, this HP could have been enough to win

  8. This guy must have balls of steel…. im to coward to use this setup

  9. The view changes made me feel ill, but the 6:50 double was great.

  10. Amaresh Bhaskaran

    I mean he got detected every time he wanted to send torps, other than that nice replay

  11. I see so many OCD players who just cannot hold a steady camera and keep zooming in and out for absolutely no other reason than they need something to do…… Its enough to keep people from watching these replays.

  12. Артем Бояринцев

    Yamamoto would have saved him.

  13. wow that was a fabulously stupid ending….

  14. I respect that hes playing with this build but ill never want him on my team. At least not with that build. It just looks as if he wants to show off because in that heavy radar meta on T10 that was one of 100 games that went good while the other 99 were probably shit. But since its NA server u might get away with it, on EU u wont most of the time. Not sure though.

  15. smoke + cyclone. i am speechless.

  16. seems very meh and lots of torps were dodged

  17. Well – getting spottet mostly before launching Torps, really bad Torp aim ( didnt we learn NOT trust in the white Line and use our Brains to predict? ) No good replay + in Radar Meta a very questionable build.

  18. Boy, this was one terrible replay. Increasing time compression, looking through the deck. Very poor quality video. Couldn’t finish it. Most video on this channel is much better than this one. Avoid this replay.

  19. Omg. 17 out of 120 Torps hit ? On this close range ? Maybe next time just try regular ones without get spottet every time…

  20. You thought DDs under speed boost that are going 40 knots was fast? SHIMA TORPS CAN GO TWICE THAT

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