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Shimakaze is a ship that is no longer good, a ship a meta game prevalent almost 4 years ago? So why does it seem like half the playerbase are still playing one? Because half of the playerbase are goddamn weebs.

Japan 1941: Land of the Rising Sun
Japan 2014: Land of the Rising

Touhou is good stuff.

Video Footage: I have reverted to CV/DD main status

Still waiting to DD skillz recognized by Leo

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  1. Oh mah gawd, *blyatiful*

  2. Git gud Shima guy

  3. shima: loli boat wit huge meat sticks that make BB players cry
    shima is futanari confirmed

  4. Hnnnnnng this video makes me want to search up that one shima comic

  5. That Venezia should have equipped hydro smh


  6. Shima is my favorite destroyer and one of two I play. It sucks you need to read 5 minutes into the future to be average in it because it got nerfed and powercrept so hard.

  7. that yoshino do be sad tho

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