Shimakaze GET BUFFED SOON – 263k Dmg || World of Warships

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  1. better concealment with the next patch incoming (WIP)

    • Hans Wurst dann sag mir mal wie ne Des. M. Hinter ne Insel platzen soll? Die hat ne Minute Radar an (mit Verbesserung) Auf “Atlantik” halbwegs gut positioniert hast du einfach mal keine Chance- und zumeist ist sie nicht die einzige mit Radar. Wenn du dann noch mit einer äußerst behäbigen Shima daherkommts mit ihren achso tollen Guns im Cap, lacht dich ne Z oder Yuyang aus^^ Hab knapp 600 Gefechte allein nur mit ihr…

    • Panzerknacker better concealment for ship or torp ? Panzerknacker

    • Panzerknacker im Happy that finaly they buff Shimakaze but i hope they will buff YAMATO too

    • @XeL Wie gesagt, Du musst noch üben. Positionierung und so.

    • buff the yamato? are you insane or like 9 years old?

  2. 1/1 flooding ratio, damn

  3. Can’t wait to try her out with the new concealment.

  4. Funny the guy hiding in the corner.

  5. Very Honorabru!

  6. Thumb down for clickbait

  7. How to get 51% winrate in a Shimakaze: Play egoistic for your own damage numbers, ignore caps, ignore your teammates.
    There is so much bad or missing teamplay in this game and this replay is a prime example for that.

    • Hans Wurst so what you said is sad but true and that is why I don’t play WOWs anymore and haven for a long time. 🙁

    • @Cygnus
      Guns shit? Are we playing the same ship? You can solo kill a Gearing if you kite away from him (if he is stupid enough to follow you and keep shooting).
      Your concealment is your weapon, you light up the enemy for your team. Your torpedoes are strong against DDs (unless you use the 20 km torps, then we don’t have to talk …). Radar and hydro has a cooldown, your concealment doesn’t. It’s a learn to play issue for most Shima players.

    • @tk ak
      I was talking about the player and his play style, I don’t even know what the server average is.
      I play for the objective and I focus on DDs before I go hunting the big boats, getting 67% that way. Shima isn’t a weak ship, especially with the next update. The concealment buff is well deserved to have a better fighting chance against DDs.

    • I’m sorry, did you just say that the Shima is a better gunboat then a Gearing when it comes to a one vs one between the two? I do also like how you had to make a perfect scenario in order for that to be true, and even then there wold have to be a skill cap between the players, or the Gearing should always win that fight… I am not saying the Shima is a bad ship, heck I do better in my Shima than I do in my Gearing, but lets be honest here, DD against DD fight is not suited for the Shima..

    • @ The Lost Dane
      Of course not. I was referring to ‘Shima guns are shit’. You need to create unfair fights against your enemies, that’s how Shima works. People don’t understand that, that’s why they never use the guns. You have good alpha, high fire chance and really good arcs, that’s not shit at all.

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