SHIMAKAZE MASSACRE – 341K Dmg || World of Warships

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Player: [-DF-]Ms_Phoenix

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  1. Hold my head in shame, impressive damage but this is everything that is wrong with players in WoWs. The Shimaakaze captain had the game of his life never to repeat, 5k game and he still plays like this. His general poor play was only matched and surpassed by the incompetent enemy who didn’t deal with a spotted dd for ages. Then proceeded to get torpedoed most of the time by his torps that thanks to the CV keeping him spotted were visible from the moment he launched them.

  2. no offence but sadly in my opinion this dmg mostly cause of enemies being noobs, this montana 5:00 f e how can you give broadside to a smoked dd from 5km and this izumo omfg

    also your aim at unvisible targes is AWFUL, you need to keep moving your coursor after your target dissapears

    and how the hell can you sit still in smoke even if you know IT will disappear soon because you have time counter. im impressed this Iowa and enemy bombers didnt smashed your face of this planet with one saldo

    hth you Got to tier X mate

  3. I might sound like an ass but honestly he’s just really lucky to hit all those torps thanks to the incompetence of the enemy team. Damge is very impressive but the quality of play is really bad…

  4. I wonder, why so many thumbs down :O

  5. showgame only.

  6. Why do i have to endure a few really smart BBs,radars, hydro and constant wasd hacks when in my DD?Just why?And then you have this no skill guy doing 340k damage with ”walls of skill”.

  7. What’s the name of wows soundtrack at the end of the video?

  8. How the f$%k did the Kurfurst miss while the shima was spotted by hydro and stationary in smoke? This is a shameful display. I only have a tier 4 IJN DD, and I don’t make the same mistakes this guy did. When this kind of play is rewarded, it is truly frustrating.

  9. 7 menit and 200 K damage .. omg

  10. Hey Everyone,First let me correct something, I am a female,  :).Yes this is my best battle to date, but I have had many great battles with the DDs, they are my Fav ships.Yes I had allot of luck during this battle, but I also did what I do best I launched torps, and the main reason so many didn’t see them is because they weren’t expecting torps to come in from behind.I am far from the grestest player, (don’t bother with the stats they don’t tell the whole picture), but I do pretty good, and I am proud of what I can do.This does go to show what the 20k torps on the Shima can do if you get in a position to use them right.Now that I have learned how to get my replays online I will be posting or getting more of them posted,  :),   yea even some bad ones that show what NOT to do, lol, I’m really good at that.

  11. there are many people like the shima and the enemy team in this game, hence why ive taken a break.

  12. That’s how NOT play the Shima, great damage but team play? That’s why teams lose

  13. jeova0sanctus0unus

    Let me summarize the Comment Section:
    This apparently the Worst replay ever,, and also (judging by some reactions) the source of all evil in world of Warships, and the World in general.
    And the Entire enemy team effectively killed themselfs.
    Congrats now you dont need to read the comments.
    I should know better than to scroll down on these Videos.

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