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  1. haha I’m shima-first AGAIN – love this channel!

  2. Wb 6.4 km, 81 kts?

  3. Shimakaze has a Great Wall of torts and not bad guns,good concealment,very good speed… I wonder shima did need buf

    • actually my gearing to 13.2km torps @71kts, much better than shima. 😉

    • toraidhe2 well, now shima have 5 more torp than gearing and better concealment.

    • it does have better concealment, for the past 4 days or so. It got 5 more torps, which are easier to dodge and reload 20s longer. In my opinion with the new buff it is better off than before and suitably balanced.

    • How on earth someone can avoid a projectile who travels 700-900 meters per second?are you kidding if the battleship has a good aim the poor cruiser without smoke or islands is dommed period.

    • ted5567 Next time ingame, try active dodging shells from BB, most used move is away from BB that is firing at you.
      You will find yourself surviving much longer while wearing down the BB.

  4. Video sieht schon besser aus. 😉

  5. Nice build, bad play.

    • Its just that you left cap 2 times before capture. This battle ended nicely, but in general better cap if you can. You never know what will happen.

    • but if he’d stayed in the cap the first time, the enemy cruiser and the two BBs would’ve been in a superior position…
      normally you are right but this time Nguyen made the right decision (imho) and saved the left flank

    • Our dd is capturing, not need 2 dd in a cap point.

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