Shimakaze – World of Warships

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362K Shimakaze replay.

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod


  1. 島風 is good ship!Iron wa mitomenai

  2. 12:21 Paolo Shimalio

  3. Want to see you using FDR please 😆😆😆

  4. Gabe Aradi War Correspondant

    Now I’ve seen the worst Zaô player all around the Globe.

  5. bad player, but with luck.

  6. Parman sutejo Almahat


  7. Widespread Torps 🤐 and hitting his team yamato. What a potato.

  8. No cv, enemy dd’s killed early, enemy team a bunch of potatoes who can’t shoot straight. Hard to believe that was a T10 match.

  9. 7.00 Song name please.

  10. I thought the wide spread torps on Zao was a replay bug

  11. Ахаха)) Довыделивался шима)) 300к, пишет в чате и тут же отправляется в порт))

  12. 8 kills on harumeme and shimameme… japan for the win!!

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