Shimakaze X SmackDowns

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  1. How much you paid for your opponent

  2. This is so annoying if u are a BB you cannot do anything to counter play this 😛

  3. The once in a bluemoon matchmaking
    0 subs, 0 CVs, 6bbs, 0 dds on your flank.

  4. 2:19…could have saved the Zao with some smoke

  5. Daniel Alvarado Hernández

    another loooong, slow and bored game without CVs, the game need more CVs players.


    Best torpedo with Shimakaze

  7. Marty in Canuckistan

    No cv made this such a great game to watch. With a cv he would have been spotted and killed easily. The no skill ship ruins most games

  8. the thing that i scared the most is Shima and FDR cv when playing BB

  9. Love how he sailed out of the cap he was trying to capture a couple seconds too early

  10. Such a sneaky bastard, well played.

  11. No cancer in the air, no water turd, no radar. Perfect hunting ground, Noice.

  12. 8 km torps are useless in most games as you cant get close enough without being spotted

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