Shimakaze X SmackDowns

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  1. How much you paid for your opponent

  2. This is so annoying if u are a BB you cannot do anything to counter play this 😛

  3. The once in a bluemoon matchmaking
    0 subs, 0 CVs, 6bbs, 0 dds on your flank.

  4. 2:19…could have saved the Zao with some smoke

  5. 7:06 😀

  6. Daniel Alvarado Hernández

    another loooong, slow and bored game without CVs, the game need more CVs players.


    Best torpedo with Shimakaze

  8. Marty in Canuckistan

    No cv made this such a great game to watch. With a cv he would have been spotted and killed easily. The no skill ship ruins most games

  9. the thing that i scared the most is Shima and FDR cv when playing BB

  10. Love how he sailed out of the cap he was trying to capture a couple seconds too early

  11. Сергий Федоров

    Нормально накидал

  12. да это мой 3й реплей . да, торпеды 8 км, уникальная модернизация и Ямамото. Ссылка на первые 2 реплея:
    yes this is my 3rd replay. yes, 8 km torpedoes, a unique upgrade and Yamamoto. Link to the first 2 replays:
    а именно этот реплей уже есть и так на другом канале, зачем дублировать?
    namely, this replay already exists on another channel, why duplicate it?

  13. Such a sneaky bastard, well played.

  14. No cancer in the air, no water turd, no radar. Perfect hunting ground, Noice.

  15. 8 km torps are useless in most games as you cant get close enough without being spotted

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