Ship Detection System Changes 0.7.4 PTS – World of Warships

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Why would you fix it when you can simply hide the problem?

Ships on screen and minimap are now rendered simultaneously – but don’t get your hopes up by thinking that you’ll see the ship immediately, it’s your minimap that received the same delay as your screen already had, and that’s now seen as the “great fix”


  1. This is extremely worrying. If WG goes through with this it’s going to fuck over the game so hard for every player that had any sort of map awareness before this.

  2. so WG makes the game more retarded nice a step in the right direction

  3. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, has taken long enough

  4. well some tests with ships coming around Islands would be great too. But this Test is very scary

  5. So instead of syncing the battlefield to the minimap the mongs got it backwards and gave everyone additional concealment. Why am I not surprised?

  6. good info, can also test for radar to see if it instant pops or also carrying a delay.

  7. This explains why they were never able to implement radar properly. Their devs are too dumb.

  8. So we’re fussing because the icon appears 100ms late? Most folks spend more time than that just moving their eyes to the map.

    • Normal delay is something between 1…3 seconds (1.33s in the current patch video, approximately the same on the PTS), but cases where rendering takes 5 and more seconds, while not “literally every game”, are not rare enough to be ignored.

      Currently a spotted ship will always be on the minimap – you always know his position and so on. Eliminating this delay would not make it worse – a spotted ship is still always spotted

      What they are doing is introducing the same delay to your minimap – a spotted ship does not get really spotted for some extra while. Would be too long to explain the negative implications, but let me just give you 3 of the most obvious examples

      a) A DD gets spotted. 3 seconds later there’s a DesMemes in front of him towards who the DD was going. Currently DD has immedeately known of the DesMemes and taken appropriate action to get out of there. On PTS – that DD is 3 seconds of movement late, and now will have to spend another 3 seconds backtracking. That’s 6 extra seconds for no reason

      b) A cruiser is sailing while spotted. A BB fires at him. Currently on the minimap you see the BB popping up, you start evading, you probably dodge the salvo. On PTS – when the BB pops up those shells have probably already almost reached you, pray to RNGesus you don’t get deleted because you’re going to take them

      c) CV being played. Enemies have something like… lets say Minotaur or AA DD – a ship which your planes will spot when their AA engages them. Currently you can react instantly and pull your planes out, suffering as little casualties as possible. On PTS – by the time you know who’s attacking your plane squad it’s probably already dead

      Those 3 should give you a general idea how much of a problem these “few miliseconds” can be

    • A five second delay is more significant, yes. Not made clear by the video, though.

  9. oh no WG what did you do

  10. geez i can only imagine how people with lower end PCs that have issues loading ships (Ive had it happen sometimes) would deal with this. Imagine dealing with all enemy ships basically sitting in smoke with the old detection ranges, you cant fight back and you have to scramble to cover.

  11. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    *facepalm* …….The stupid…. it BURNS!

  12. I don’t get it,what’s the usage of it?

  13. Another silent BB buff. We are not stupid WG.

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