SHIPS Now Have RADAR? (World of Warships)

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Class With Radar!

Thanks watching!


  1. i would love to sse you play the Atago

  2. no its like a flame thrower

  3. Baron you should have been at the eaa air venture convention in Oshkosh it
    was awesome

  4. Be honorable and play the mighty Yamato. *Space Battleship Yamato opening*

  5. Destroyermen series follows the Mahan and Walker, primarily the Walker due
    to plot reasons

  6. the use of radar is to detect enemy destroyer

  7. Nightmare Shadow X

    *Kirov Reporting*

  8. Baron you should play the tier 10 Des Moines American cruiser. I haven’t
    seen a tier 10 cruiser in ages :D

  9. Love warships wednesdays!

  10. Baron i plz dont start your stories when ur not going to end them 2:40

  11. i don’t know what you talked about but recently i found this interesting
    The Last Ship
    wich is about a ship sent on top secret mission to test something, and when
    they come back some month later, they find out that the world has been
    ravaged by a new virus, the american governement is no more, europe and
    china are waging war against each other and a russian vesel is doing shit
    “gave us the scientific, virus and vaccine data that’s on your ship, and
    we’ll be the master of the world!” because they do have the last hope of
    earth on theyr board that was actually researching the vaccine!

  12. why the move?

  13. Wouldn’t ships use sonar instead of radar?

  14. dont skip the vid please

  15. Use the Fuso, very honorable

  16. arizona

  17. People come to your channel for entertainment and info. Plz research before

  18. Other warships, my personal fav, Battlestations Pacific

  19. cant steer for shit

  20. Pick a Armored Crusier like Bogatyr or St. Louis… or more German BBs ;-)

  21. play the umikaze

  22. hey play the hosho

  23. montana

  24. Baron, that was rough to watch. Get some rest brother. ?✊✌

  25. Take out USS Des Moines….. Des Moines is the capital city of what State?
    Wait for it….. wait for it…… Iowa!

  26. Worlds worst youtuber.

    Try steel ocean.

  27. Cyber Brynnhildr (CyberDiamanda)

    Myoko pls^^


  29. Please take out the Tirpitz, the German Battleship

  30. Fubuki

  31. If there will be a possibility you’ re going to play another game … go
    play Hearts of Iron 4

    would love the cringefest :D

  32. The destroyermen serier is great. there is also another series with a
    compeny from the american civil war who ends up in the same plot!

  33. How about the Iowa? ;)

  34. Pls the play kongo!

  35. jordan shoemaker

    this game needs first person

  36. love the warships m8, keep em coming!

  37. The ROON pls

  38. man i really miss your WoWS series.

  39. I say Mikasa or Tachibana one of the gimp low tier premiums

  40. Kagero

  41. Jeremiah Radcliff

    @baronvongames can you try from the depths

  42. Play the uss Iowa plzzzz for murica glory

  43. tier 10 Russian destroyer please

  44. high tear american destroyers

  45. Baron Torpitz or Imperator Nikolai please

  46. Baron…you should give Battlestations Pacific for the xbox a try. It’s a
    far superior naval game and it has SUBMARINES!
    Why control one ship when you can command and control an entire fleet
    including the planes.
    Phly put some videos of Battlestations Pacific on his channel a while ago
    and it brought back some glorious memories.

  47. bernardobiritiki

    Baron heres a little advice
    wile in a battle if you press control and mouse over a consumable shell
    type etc it tells you what it does

  48. Play the Amagi!

  49. Omaha pls

  50. Do Silent Hunter 5, that might be fun.

  51. your “alright” at the start of your videos always rapes my ears maybe say
    alright a little softer please?


  53. all engines ahead flank m8

  54. Evan (Sasquatch)

    “Radar affects how’ fast they fire ,,,”Wha ? How are the two even related ?
    Lol… Baron.. I enjoy your vids.. Get back into wow man :)

  55. whats up with everyone leaving the power house?

  56. Noice vid mate!
    What’s your favourite current German ship?

  57. Hey Baron, turns out there will be french ships coming to world of warships

  58. bring the cleveland bring the democracy and massive AA

  59. I like the Atlanta but i prefer the Northhampton or the Portland class more
    mainly because it’s guns are longer the the Atlanta’s which allows for
    higher velocity and farther range increasing pen and damage. Unfortunately
    the closest we can get to those two for now is the Pensacola class so if we
    could see that, that would be awesome :D

  60. Shchors would be my choice for next ship.

  61. Baron plz play world of tanks but plz plz plz learn how to play the game
    and earn your tanks by playing the game

  62. Play more aircraft carriers plz

  63. # we want yamato

  64. Yeee I live in Atlanta

  65. Play Doom Pickle

  66. Play the Warspite or the Murmansk

  67. Please play the Arizona

  68. The montana!!!!

  69. Zaid Al-Hadeethi

    If you hold the CTRL key, you can mouse over HUD icons, and they will pop
    up with descriptions telling you what things do.

  70. Take out the new premium Polish ship, the Krasny somethingorother!

  71. The Last Leviathan looks like it might be an interesting game, if you are
    looking for more warship action. Its a recent release I’ve seen on Steam.
    Might be worth checking out.

  72. Baron do Warface its free and really good. + its on Steam

  73. Three words:From the depths.

  74. Tirpitz or Mogami, because reasons

  75. dark side nation

    how about you show us a ship with the least amount of guns in WW

  76. christopher hanton

    it lets you see throught the smoke screen

  77. BarenVonGames are you from Pennsylvania? If so that’s cool because I live
    near Pittsburgh lol

  78. Play the Indianapolis next PLEEEEEEASE

  79. Destroyer-men is one of my favorite books series. Amazing author. awesome
    that he likes it.

  80. Lol rip baron. Idk how I got that kill on you XD GG

  81. Starhunter Terra

    Of course, WWII Warships got radar after 1942 or 1943

  82. Play with Marcus

    Japanese carrier Hiryu

  83. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    Do the Tier 10 DD’s!

  84. Steel Ocean.

  85. It's ALMOST Rocket Science

    Big Boy Texas!!⭐Give the Lone Star a chance Captain/Baron Wiggly-Torpedus!!

  86. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    Play the Atlanta like an overgrown Destroyer

  87. Thanks so much for WoW Wednesday. I think it would be great to see you
    steam out either the Iowa or your choice of one of the mid to high tier
    Japanese cruisers. Guns and torpedoes mate.

  88. lexinten

  89. new York

  90. Hunter DePriest-Brown

    play the USS Indianapolis

  91. MonkTheWorldTree

    please play Atlanta (if possible) on Steel Ocean. Or Scharnhorst on it. Or
    submarine. That game deserves way more attention!

  92. get aft on your Atlanta you won’t regret it

  93. I would love to see a decent video of the russian dd Kiev.. I am currently
    training her captain up for mine and wouldn’t mind some tips on it.

  94. Victory at Sea is a pretty decent game you should give it a go

  95. ur story

  96. reminds me about the Philadelphia Project


  98. Paplo die Pöpel Eule

    Play Yamato !!

  99. pennsacola please

  100. Lulz: “nice”…Boom.

  101. tripitz

  102. Can you play the gearing?

  103. Mark William Reid

    try from the depths, you may or may not like it.

  104. Mark William Reid

    try from the depths, you may or may not like it.

  105. Mark William Reid

    try from the depths, you may or may not like it.

  106. Mark William Reid

    try from the depths, you may or may not like it.

  107. Do the Poland ship I think that is Poland flag do not care which one.

  108. also atlanta has paper armor

  109. Warspite all day long. Glory to the royal navy

  110. Steel ocean is a good game! You should play it!!

  111. Steel ocean, almost wow but with submarines

  112. What was the name of the books Baron mentioned?

  113. I would love to see the Hakuryu I remember long time ago you used it and
    called your attacks like pearl harbor.

  114. Cleveland

  115. Husky The Dinosaur

    Play Steel Ocean

  116. ananymous big daddy

    Do the U.S.S. Enterprise

  117. you mentioned you are in the middle of a move…leaving the Florida home??

  118. Theodor Davidsen

    the zao

  119. Stephane Grimard

    How do you get the info at the top of the ships ????

  120. USS Arizona or Indianapolis. America!!!!!!!

  121. Baron we want to see more German warships…….cruisers or destroyers…..
    Something with torpedos

  122. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Baron do you have Arizona?

  123. USS Arizona

  124. dandi aber (danny7up)


  125. do the German Hindenburg battleship or the Montana

  126. Kirov RIP-orted!

  127. anastacio ortega

    how do u install this game?

  128. NAVYFIELD??? Also Kongou is pronounced with long O, like in Ocean. Not like
    the Republic of Kongo

  129. Baron plz do the Bismarck or Yamato

  130. Can you play montana

  131. Baron Baron Please do the Kongo for the Emperor Be honorable :)

  132. Hey play the Colorado

  133. it is the walker and mahan
    wickes class

  134. i am reading the destroyermen series
    on book 8

  135. Jake van der Veen

    Baron, go to settings and turn on the enhanced battle info so you can see
    how much damage you do and if a shell over pens or ricochets

  136. A game for WSW could be Silent Hunter 3 or 4.

  137. Pensacola!!!!!!

  138. Some battleship action would be nice ?

  139. USS Atlanta was an AA Cruiser sunk off of Guadalcanal in October 1942
    despite the pounding she gave several Kongo class battleships with 16 5″

  140. Thank you for doing a WoWships vid dude! I would give you a hundred thumbs

  141. Fresh AMAGI vid please!!!! I said PLEASE!

  142. be a seal clubber and play the clemson

  143. Georgia hype

  144. first Japanese carrier, I believe it’s called the hosho, someone correct me
    on that if I’m wrong

  145. Yo Baron can you Clemson?

  146. Do the Mighty Mo (USS Missouri)

  147. how about the new york with slick!

  148. Kendall Evinrude

    Please play the Mikhail Kutuzov

  149. Thanks great game. Ever shell the airports or towns on the island? It would
    be cool if carrier planes could operate from an island or island base
    aircraft could be traded for carrier based aircraft.

  150. Baron have you played Red Alert 2

  151. Ryder & Liberty Emerson

    new york show em politicans

  152. A tip for aiming, the time to target that you see is there for a reason. It
    is actually used in combination with the lines in binocular view and each
    line is calibrated 1 to 1 for time to target against an enemy ship at 20
    knots. So destroyers are usually 2 lines for every second, American
    battleships are usually 1 line for every second, cruisers and Japanese
    battleships are usually 1.5 lines per second to target. This all depends on
    the speed of the ship however so these are rough estimates.

  153. upload more blackwake and mount and blade on both channels if you can

  154. Nrgh…Prinz Ugen…
    Its spelled [Prinz Oigäen]

  155. Yeah baron it’s a bit clear you’ve taken a break… ‘maybe RADAR makes me
    fire faster’ :3

  156. Malcolm Hinkebein

    The Missouri

  157. Play heliborne

  158. Play the warship NAGATO

  159. hey wat server do u play on

  160. Couple of things, the Am shell arch allows you to fire over most islands.
    If you dont see the mountain sign when aiming at a target behind an island,
    your shells will clear it. Use your torp aim to see the direction of a
    ship. You should enable the “last known position” on your map. It allows
    you to see where an enemy was last spotted. Basically use the map more. It
    displays torp range, gun range ++ now, and is really useful to see if your
    torps can hit the intended target or not. BTW, you will hate radar next
    time you are in a DD in a +7 tier game ;)

  161. Tirpitz power

  162. uss lowa

  163. Play The Yamato Or The Lowa

  164. Baron plz play hearts of iron 4

  165. play ze shinao

  166. Baron play the Montana and build up the Citadel City!

  167. W W W
    o a e
    r of r n
    l s s
    d h d
    i a
    p y
    s s

  168. baron if u watnt to see range and damage on shells and torps. press CTROL
    and mobe the mouse

  169. can you play the colorado pls.:)

  170. why dont you have the damagecounter on which has been brought into the
    game? 🙂
    play the texas plz!

  171. yamato please

  172. Baron, play the Arizona plez

  173. please play the USS IOWA

  174. Have the Budyonny tier 6 cruiser but am working my way up the American
    cruiser ladder just for the Atlanta, it seems bad ass.

  175. “Why am I not familiar with Indianapolis?” Actually, you should be. It
    delivered the first atomic bomb to be dropped on Japan. While on its return
    trip, it was sunk by a Japanese submarine and sunk. For the rest of the
    story, watch “Jaws”.

  176. What happened with the gamin house with partiallyroyal, baron , Phly, slick

  177. At the first naval battle of Guadalcanal the American flagship Chicago had
    radar, it was night and the commanding Admiral was advised that a line of
    Japanese ships was approaching. He disregarded the information and ordered
    the radar turned off, and went to bed. The Japanese attack was
    devastating.Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal
    Paperback by

    James D. Hornfischer

  178. Now she is even scarier for DDs, like it should be. Freedom for BBs with
    torpedofree seas. :D

  179. play the Iowa please

  180. hey Baron since you’re not familiar with the indianapolis how bout u play

  181. Odd request but play the low tier kawaichi

  182. Baron destroyermen is actually about Walker, a Wickes-class destroyer. The
    Mahan in the book is not the Mahan-class but rather a Wickes-class. Also
    the Mahan is not a torpedo boat, it’s a torpedo boat destroyer (or just

  183. Silverfishstix “Die Google Plus” Vidyas

    Baron, you should play the Japanese tier 4 BB the Myogi

  184. futuristic shit m8

  185. Since you mentioned you haven’t tried the Indianapolis, try that out.


  187. Southern LA Farming

    Can you play the Colorado

  188. Konigsberg plz baron

  189. Battlestation Pacific?

  190. Steel Ocean?

  191. Kinda fun to see myself on one of your videos, and that was a fun game at
    least for our side, I guess you figured out the radar is really when a ship
    is in smoke screen, personally instead of getting radar I wish they would
    have flattened the arc and increase the base range:) It was nice having you

  192. jurrasic Slime VLOGZ


  193. i know its kind of old but i think battlestations pacific is the best
    warship/plane/submarine/random cool shit simulator to date and there is a
    market for ship games but most of them suck so im confused as to why
    someone hasnt made as good of game since bsp

  194. yamato

  195. Go into settings, they have a lot of new features you can add to the
    display, like amount of damage and it will show the torp reload just above
    the main gun reload without having to switch to torps to see how long they
    have left.

  196. maybe playing silent hunter on wednesdays

  197. Baron please get phly back into world of warships I miss watching you
    playing together

  198. I’ve got the whole destroyer book series baron. It’s really good

  199. USS Iowa

  200. so some steel ocean

  201. Hey Baron. Speaking of wormholes I recommend you watch the movie The Final
    Countdown with Kirk Douglas. No spoilers, but you will love it. I loved it.

  202. A Random Citizen

    wait, does this mean the PowerHaus is dead?

  203. You should play the Des Moines.

  204. I love to see you get better and learn all the features again, Baron :D.
    It’s so much fun to watch you play and listen to what you say that it
    doesn’t matter if the gameplay is not that perfect XD.

    Keep it up please, we all love your vids

  205. Quite rare to see you playing this game

  206. that Atlanta is my biggest money waste ever,…and i have more than few
    ships and tanks,….big crap

  207. Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria

    its Not a radar its a Sonar

  208. Yea…I haven’t been playing WoWS religiously, and took a break for like 6
    months. I just found out today about Radar…and it was AWESOME. Deal with
    it haha

  209. Play the Izumo

  210. I like my Atlanta baby !

  211. I love the destroyermen series one of my all time favorite.

  212. Oliver Hundstrup Stenner Rasmussen 8ES Øhavsskolen

    try HMS marulken

  213. The Changling Gamer

    Steel Ocean is this WITH SUBS

  214. Moscwaaaaaa

  215. this is baron in panic mode

  216. battle stations pacific

  217. Iowa, please

  218. play the new york pls

  219. LoganWorriors Videos

    Do the Cleveland for the great state of Ohio where I am from

  220. TheHardstyleMusicz #throwbackweek

    Have you been under a rock? xD

  221. or play the ARIZONA would be cool

  222. Play the clevland

  223. Tirpitz! german engineering at it finest, the engine runs on pure german
    brewed beer


  225. hi I play this game to

  226. radar negates smoke screens

  227. Can you play the shimakase plz

  228. Play USS Cleveland please, great video btw mate

  229. Play the mighty new mexico

  230. BaronVonLateToTheParty

  231. try steel ocean

  232. Baron living under a damn rock, the radar lights anything up withing 12 km!
    Regardless of smoke, islands detection

  233. Alex The_Torpedus

    ITs also the uss Walker I’m reading book 5!!! you only mentioned the Mahan

  234. play the USS Alaska

  235. The uss Arizona comrad, very stronk ship!!!!

  236. haha I’m in the city of Atlanta as I’m watching this

  237. when’s the next time you’ll be doing a custom battle on WT I’d like to
    maybe join in if you have one

  238. you should’ve use A Flamethrower in the thumbnail…

  239. Alex The_Torpedus

    I love your vids <3. Do the Moscow

  240. Baron can you use Alternate Battle Mode pls so we can see how much damage
    you done

  241. Uss South Dakota

  242. The_Robloxian_ShipBuilder

    Who else is still waiting for that 1 day where theres an option for
    destroyers and some cruisers can use their main guns for AA purposes.

  243. şųbśçŕìbè ťø mý çhæňëľ

  244. Early life

  245. I dont need a radar Stalin will guide me to victory

  246. Early

  247. can u play the uss iowa

  248. What happened to the Powerhaus?

  249. steel ocean

  250. Baron u have been in the shadows for to long. Also, take out the mighty
    YAMATO with those massive 18in guns and with secondary build. No destroyer
    will come close to u.

  251. Khabarovsk

  252. The YAMATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. play the grober kurfurst german battleship.

  254. Great video time 22:22

  255. aircraft carrier

  256. nice video

  257. Warspite

  258. Lets do the YAMATO

  259. Montana battleship plz!?

  260. meanwhile, the BB is like: “SHIPS NOW HAVE RUDDER???”

  261. Isn’t it sad moving away from slick?

  262. yes baron, ships have radar for a long time now… welcome back to WoWs

  263. it’s a bit blurry :(

  264. thedominator 343

    home state of uss north carilina

  265. Play the USS Texas and become a sea cowboy

  266. play kirov

  267. hi baron ily

  268. Baron !!!!! take out the Mikasa if you can hit anything with the primary’s
    your a better pirate than I am yarrrr


  270. Steel Ocean subs!


  272. Happy Warships Wednesday! What ship should we sail out next time? Vote

  273. subscribe to my chanel


  275. First dislike :/

  276. 2nd

  277. ahahhaha

  278. First

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