Shiratsuyu – Enjoy the Fish! World of Warships

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Player: Arishtat
Map: Hotspot

(, , High Caliber, 8 )

User Description:

match starts off with some skirmishing on the east side the map. We took out the Akatsuki and Mahan without much trouble. Then a New Mexico made the mistake advancing through the islands on point C and into a wall torpedoes. At this point the only enemy ship left on the east side is a Nuremberg who is understandably skittish about closing on two destroyers, a Bayern and ?!?

Unfortunately the battle for the rest of the map didn’t go so well for the team. They mopped up our guys at A and are making a push for B.

Luckily for us an enemy Gneisnau decided to hug the island west of point C. tried to crash stop but couldn’t and ate a spread of torpedoes. No more Gneisnau. A Budyonny was close behind him but our Bayern dealt with him.

At this point we’re down to three friendly ships all in and around point C, a Bayern, a Kagero and myself in a Shiratsuyu. The opposing team decides to press in with a and a Colorado from the west and the Nuremberg closes in from the north. The and Colorado approached our Bayern warily because they expected torpedoes, but I was able to hold fire until they were forced to commit themselves and so they went down to a double barrage of fish. While this was going on I guess the enemy Nuremberg found our Kagero and finished him off but I was busy trading shells with the enemy Kagero, mostly to my advantage. I noted that I was able to spot the Kagero at ~6.2km which meant that the player didn’t have a concealment expert trained captain. This is important for later.

Our Bayern died to a close range torpedo salvo from the Nuremberg but I got the Nuremberg back with a single fish as he attempted to escape back out the east side of point C.

At that point it was a cat-and-mouse game between myself in a fairly healthy Shiratsuyu and the crippled Kagero with about two minutes on the clock to go. I moved in and captured point B and I did so the Kagero initiated capturing point C.

Not good. The enemy was well ahead on points so all the Kagero really had to do was bail out either the north or east side of C and use his superior speed to avoid me and they would have won the game. There was nothing for it but to hit the speed boost and book it for point C and hope that I could spot the Kagero before he could make good his escape.

For reasons unknown; however, the Kagero driver decided to try run out the South exit from point C. He never made it and ended up as kill number eight.

Game over, we won, high fives all around.

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  1. Like and watch, in this order.

  2. Hahah, that Nurnberg was like “Hey Bayern!! Eat my torps b!tch!! – 30s
    later eating torpedoes for a late breakfast :)))

  3. Im griding for the Akizuki but I’m really liking the Shira

  4. What is that thing binded to the U kwy to the right of the speed boost? Ive
    never seen that before

  5. I hate hitting the skip ad button since I know thats how you get to
    monetize, but a nearly 6 minute commercial is a bit much.

  6. shima für arme ?!

  7. “So long and thanks for all the fish”

  8. My favorite ship in the entire game <3

  9. hihihi? FRIENdddAAA ;)

  10. Time to make a bad joke. “Looks like he was on stePOIds’

  11. HI! Sorry fIR myNLibene Bed Eglish :):):) DUt can U tell ? ( да ёбаная
    клавиатура, когда вы уже РУсский все выучите 😉 :):):):):))

  12. Good Enough video.CanU send me ? How …..

  13. HOW youre R-Dom SuC? Like U R Showin? Is it Possible to play with U in

  14. Lets Play? TogeThA? 1.In YYYr cluster&

  15. If no interest? My vinnin! 61%-10k/ ;););) And NO SIGNAL 30/ NO CASH? JuSt
    FUN :):):) Anly U bellivese in $

  16. Richtig gut so muss es laufen . Daumen hoch

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