Should You Buy the Sims? World of Warships

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the Sims Tier 7 American .

Enjoy the Destruction.

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  1. I have this ship and for me, the best way to play it, is to be a
    close-range knife-fighter vs dds and a long range supporter vs bbs and
    ca/cls. With the right commander skills, the guns can have a range of over
    15 km! So what if you miss? Zoom out and fire again. As for torps, I’m ok
    with the long range ones because it can give more options. But the short
    range ones are more suited given that this is meant for training US dd
    crews. Having torps that fire farther than detection range doesn’t happen
    until the Mahan and they’re not that good until the Benson.
    Tl;Dr play this thing like the Roadrunner from LooneyTunes if it was in
    charge of a ship…also play the Benny hill theme song while you’re at it.

  2. Nicodemus Maximus

    and it seems you failed to mention that the turrets turn 180 in like 3

  3. 49 knot torpedoes are a deal breaker for me

  4. Bu the way, you can bitch and moan all you want about the Sims, you’re
    entitled to have your opinion, but I’d take it over the Farragut anytime.
    1 little detail can wreck a ship, I hate my Hatsuharu, but I made a mistake
    and picked torpedo acceleration, that gave me 8 km torps with a bit more
    speed. I hated that ship.
    Today I threw 300+ gold at it in despair and retrained the captain, got my
    10km torps back.
    Boom! Next 3 games I made around 400k profit, PER GAME! Just a simple thing
    can ruin how a ship works.

  5. Google translate does a pretty good pronunciation of the Blyskawica
    (Lightning). Polish language (I selected Czech by mistake and sounds a bit

  6. Against Tier IXs and VIIs, the Sims is garbage. However, I can see how this
    ship is popular in Ranked as it is fast and has better concealment than
    Mahan and Blys. Also I am seeing plenty of Mutsukis and Hatsus that would
    be easily wrecked in Sims. That said, I would not want to go head to head
    with a Blys or Mahan. I really wish they would buff this ship so it would
    at least be on the same level as the Mahan.

  7. The gun trajectory is greater than when it came out of beta test. the below
    paragraphs are from the forums….

    Warrant Officer

    Beta Testers
    Member since:
    View PostCruiser_Noshiro, on 08 June 2016 – 01:06 AM, said:

    Yuubari wasn’t nerfed directly, other things changed around her that had
    unforseen effects on how she played.

    I think it was rather blatantly stated that they knew exactly what the
    effects would be and intended them as a direct nerf to the Yubari
    specifically when they mentioned the ship needed to be nerfed because it
    was doing its job at its tier as effectively as a Cleveland (another
    AA-centered cruiser). That clearly indicates it was anything but unforeseen.

    As to the Sims, her shell arc and smoke have changed since it was sold, and
    not for the better. And, it should be noted that all ships suffered a large
    rudder shift nerf in the changeover from OBT to Live, so any improvements
    in this regard would only (possibly) bring it back to where it was sold as,
    not count as a buff.

    The fact remains that they will nerf non-Russian ships just fine, but if a
    Russian ship is considered OP, it is off-limits. No other reason could
    explain why the Grem is being kept immune to the same ‘balancing’ that the
    Sims and (especially) Yuubari received….especially when Yuubari was
    singled out specifically for a nerf because it was, by the Dev’s
    statements, too OP.

    Edited by Jakob_Knight, 08 June 2016 – 01:29 AM.
    + 0

  8. do you know if the bliska is going to be for sail on the eu server?

  9. Not a bad review but I feel you should have compared it directly to the
    Mahan. Since most people I imagine that might be interested in it are going
    to like the USN DD’s. Mahan has better torps for sure just not even close,
    but the Sims turns 60m smaller circle, a bit better rudder shift, 2.5 knots
    faster, I believe a bit better detection. As far as the guns while the
    Mahan does have 5 the Sims fires 20% faster and I believe they both have
    the same velocity on the guns. So you still lose a bit of gun power but not
    much. 75rpm on the Mahan vs 72 rpm on the Sims, both with bad shell
    velocity. Now when you lost turrets all the time on DD’s 5 vs 4 turrets was
    a major deal, but now that you rarely lose turrets that is much less of a

    Anyways I just feel you should have shown the two DD’s and which one was
    better at what and by how much it was better. Not nitpicking just offering
    constructing criticism for future reviews.

  10. my friend gave me a blys because he had it sitting around as a gift, so far
    my favorite premium out of atago, murmansk, and albany (lel) yesterday i
    got 2k base XP in a tier 9 game using the blys, also are the stock torps
    the farraguts 6.4km torps?

  11. Rein Stradmeijer

    you guys should note that the sims is the benson in its C config, its guns
    have the same rof as the benson(18) its torpedo’s may be verry slow, but
    you can firre them everey minute. the guns have the same velocity as any of
    the othher 127 38 cal us guns. and if you calculate the amount of shells
    you lose over the mahan than you lose a hole 4 shells over one minute(mahan
    has 15rof). and what a lot of peaple underastemate is that the sims has
    pretty good stealth for a tier 7 dd.
    one fun thing to note, is that the sims AP is pretty good.
    the torpedo’s are mostly there to spam around, and set floding

    ingame name Roeno1997

  12. Its not that bad you just haven’t learned how to play it.

  13. “Bwyskavitsa” the pronounce in Polish…

  14. Shell velocity is the same on nearly all of the USN DD so this one isn’t
    particularly bad…

  15. interesting, thanks. I’ve had the Blyskawica since late last year, it just
    sucks not being able to put captains into a premium ship. Now I have a
    polish captain with 13 points for Ranked Battle. I tried the Kiev in Ranked
    and couldn’t make it work, the detection range kept it too focused – had I
    been able to throw my Khabarovsk captain in it things may have been
    different (I love Kiev in Random). One of the best parts of premium ships
    is swapping captains into them.

  16. Magnus Gudmundsson

    I think the fact you are missing a colorado from 10km, a slow, fat pig of a
    BB perfectly illustrates how bad a slow shell velocity gun is.
    And 22k dmg after a minute of constant shooting, give me a break.

  17. The sharp-eyed might notice the Sims and the Mahan both have Mk 15 Mod 0
    torpedoes as an option. Same torpedo, but different stats for them. The Mk
    15 torpedoes on the Sims are a holdover. They’re US torpedoes as they were
    before the buff several patches back. The Sims wasn’t included in that
    buff. It had been given the 49 knot, small warhead, 9.2km torpedoes several
    weeks before the buff took place, possibly as a kind of test. No further
    improvements were made.

    It’s possible Wargaming might revisit the Sims and make its torpedoes equal
    to the Mahan, since they are officially the same torpedo. If so, the Sims
    will be a good all-around destroyer. It’s not as bad right now as some
    people claim. The speed and maneuverability can count for a lot. I hear in
    ranked battles it’s currently the top T7 DD by win rate, edging out the
    Blyskawica. A lot of that is player skill, of course. People who have it
    have been playing since the closed beta. Still, skilled players choosing
    the Sims instead of another ship is meaningful in itself. A quote I found
    on the forums goes “Loathe my Sims in Random, but love her in Ranked”. It’s
    a good ship for contesting caps against opposing DDs.

    And for anyone wanting a premium US destroyer, what’s the option? The tier
    2 Smith class?

  18. It was better before they nerfed the guns several patches ago.

  19. lol “just sigh and move on”

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