Showing of Moskva AP (15 Cits) World of Warships

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  1. “Showing of Moskva AP” on full broadside Neptunes. Haha Funny guy

  2. lets show how moska get cit n return…

  3. good aim

  4. Fear the Moskva with it’s laser guns, vodka powered engine, and glass citadel.

    Sadly, no stalinium armor.

  5. Claudio Conraria

    Well very nice battle for you:)
    And nice vedeo

  6. This ship goes better if its boardside armor is as good as Conqueror’s one

  7. Intelligent guy…..
    never misses minimap and all the information

  8. “You hit nearly perfecet all the time and on ships you havent even detected…” lololololol

  9. THe Moskva appears very narrow and superstructure looks quite high. Almost expect the ship to turn over from being top-heavy….

  10. Love Moscow as much as Donskoi they are both great cruisers, hated selling my tier 9 to get Moscow. Now I’m saving up for Kronstadt and can’t wait to get her.

  11. Wasted time with the AP.

  12. Need 6km Torps …For self defence

  13. Ich sehe den Skill des Spielers nicht….

  14. poop

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