SIEGFRIED – german TIX premium HEAVY CRUISER || World of Warships

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  1. It looks like mini gneisenau put from T7 BB to T9 battlecruiser roflmao
    looks sexy though 😛

  2. Mini gneisenau. Its fkn bigger xd

  3. Sieht ja schon mal gut aus, danke Panzerknacker fürs Video 🙂 , hoffe WG lässt den Sigma und die Streuung so, natürlich is RNG auch dabei aber sah für mich sehr genau aus… Panzerung schien auch ok…ich sag mal is immernoch nen Kreuzer und kein Schlachter.
    Kann man schon was sagen für was die Siegfried kommt ? Kohle, Stahl , FreeXP ?

    • Ich denke das sie wie die Azuma, Missouri und Alaska als FreeXP schiff kommt. Eventuell kann man sie zusätzlich mit Kohle oder über den Premiumladen erwerben.

  4. Very beautiful ship, truly German engineering right here! I can’t wait for this ship. I must say though, having AA over the Hydro-acoustic seems uncharacteristic but I’m amusing you were going to try to see how well her AA works first?

  5. Gneiesenau 2.0 with T9 CB sticker on….? Interesting

  6. If I can get higher accurate, I will mount even though 12 inch gun at my bismarck

  7. SuperRararasputin

    Seems like good ship, has a reasonable balance of strengths and weaknesses. Hope that they keep the good accuracy, it really needs it with only 6 guns.

  8. Павел Калевальский

    Очередной бортоход которого не убил линкор, везет дуракам!)

  9. Always happy to see new german ships coming!!!
    Kriegsmarine rules!

  10. So its a Gneisenau with better aiming. Why not give a Gneisenau a better aiming? u_u

    Well that’s very neat ^^ I wish I could see this German Heavy Cruiser against other Heavy Cruisers.

  11. Raul Alexandru Bota

    If gneisenau had this kind of accuracy… but it’s ok the way it is I just had a 151k dmg battle.
    Edit: this ship could beat a Bismarck right? mainly in close quarters. Crazy good guns.

  12. Called SIEGfried for a reason

  13. Does not impress….slow rate of fire, horrid turret traverse and 6 guns?

  14. Well looks like the O-Project from the Z Plan. These ship was build but never completet. It should become a battlecruiser, so the Siegfried is an equal of the Gneisenau.They share the weight, the engines and the guns but the Siegfried should be 10 meters longer.
    Realy nice ship 😀

  15. Oh boy an accurate German Ship, can’t wait to buy her, ability to shoot six rounds hit with six instead of shooting 12 and hitting with 1 or 2…

  16. OMG!!! Gneisenau have defensive aa fire nd she’s torping 8 km!!!

  17. Cool really excited for this ship hope they don’t nerf it before release. Wonder what it will cost though

  18. that broadside hit when he approached the destroyer OOF

  19. Do we have any speculations as to what resource will she be available for? free exp/coal/steel or just a regular premium?

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