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Checking out the Siegfried for the first time, brand new tier 9 Battlecruiser for the German Navy. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX German Cruiser Siegfried Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. “That kind of accuracy, you can’t buy.” – Notser
    WG – Well, actually …

  2. a german ship which is accurate!? Is WeeGee doing drugs?

    • umm another case of WG screwing up history, Krupp guns were considered some of the most accurate of the war. Hence Scharnhorst made one of the longest hits ever scored by a naval gun on an enemy ship when she struck the British carrier HMS Glorious at approximately 26,465 yards (24,200 m)

    • Hey! It still has the “work in progress”-logo so expect the hammer of balans and the sickle of nerf.

    • Vodka, comrade! Great leader Putin send us to Gulag for drugs.

  3. This is the german ship I always wanted!

  4. … and you have long range torped…brurghpfpfubbff.

  5. I’m really looking forward to this ship Notser. However, i whould like if WG “fixes” Gneisenau guns, i mean, i don’t want laser accuracy, just a bit more reliability just enought that i can hit something, beacuse when i fire from range, my shells land where i aimed, but most of the times, fall into the water because of the awful sigma. Maybe just a small sigma buff whould do it, i mean, the Konig has 2.0 sigma and has 10 guns. I get that the Germans have better secondaries, but those are secondaries, they are not supposed to be the main offensive armament of s battleship. Again, i don’t want sniper levels of accuracy, but just more reliability. Another option whould be if WG gives us the option of mounting 283mm guns on Gneisenau, and if WG says that it whould break the caliber progression, then, why are Mogami and King George V a thign?

    • I strongly disagree with both u and Notser on the Gnei i think its an awesome ship. I think the way people try to play it is wrong.Its not supposed to be in range. Despite its length it turns fairly tight and its speed is what makes it terifing adding the secondaries the torps and the turtleback i personally was hunting Missouries in it

    • >the Konig has 2.0 sigma and has 10 guns.

      Not anymore. They nerfed Konig’s sigma to 1.8 a while ago.

    • @pdorn1 Thank for the correction, i didn’t knew it.

  6. Consistent

    im convinced its a great ship. these 3 words are enough to make me buy it

  7. Reverse Dreemurr303

    12:27 Detonation And Notser Holding a laugh

  8. LakeBodomsReaper

    “You can’t buy that kind of accuracy”
    *Is premium ship*

  9. Accuracy you can’t buy? More like accuracy you don’t get UNLESS you buy it.

  10. Nathaniel Florendo

    12:26 “And you have long range torpedobvvb….” ?

  11. “That kind of accuracy, you can’t buy it”

    You CAN buy that accuracy. It’s a premium ship. Buying that kind of accuracy is the core concept of this ship.

  12. a premium ship on t9 that doesnt need buffs or nerfs to please people am i in a dream????

  13. plz don’t hit this with the nerf bat, WG

  14. Notser- I really love this ship! WG- Oh, you really love this ship? ( Grabs nerfing sledgehammers) Shame on you Notser! You should know by now you never, ever say a ship is really good. Only that it’s ok, almost good or else it gets ( insert funeral dirge) ?

  15. Such a nervous vid for me, I reaaaaally wanted a solid O-Classish Cruiser that wasn’t a dumpster. And I got it!! Hope it drops soon.

  16. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Can’t wait for this ship I’m really hyped Hope they keep this accuracy otherwise it can end terrible (Azuma flashbacks)

  17. I almost fell asleep, Notser’s voice is soothing, coupled with the satisfying and consistent Dispersion??

  18. A very interesting and welcome addition that looks like a rewarding experience. Should be a fun match up versus Alaska.

  19. Me: I like this ship.
    Wargaming: you like this ship? [Nerf Hammer]

  20. 5:10 Notser talking about a premium ship with the words: “…you can’t buy that.”

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