Sink my lovelies, sink… Z-46 TORPEDO MONSTER || World of Warships

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  1. North Carolina: “Hmmm BB next to me got nuked by a volley of torpedoes from port, and I got hit by a torpedo as well. DD still out there. What should I do? I know, I’ll keep sailing straight in the same direction. That’ll work out well.”

  2. most of this was luck, not skill……..

  3. Didn’t even use AP on the broadside izumo and the awful use of smokes. Yeah this player just had good luck.

    • The fire was that killed the Izumo and not the somewhat higher instant dmg he would have inflicted for a few seconds with AP.So i am thinking he knows to play better than some of you think.With torpedoes luck is a variant but i have seen tier 10 players who could not torp a BB from 3-4 km away.

    • The player may not be a super unicum, he manages to pull up a nice game. Congratz to him. Let’s all try to see the bottle half full instead of half empty… it’s good for the karma and for the game 😉

    • Gareth Fairclough

      Doesn’t excuse shite play XD

  4. Why that Fletcher looked so weak in a fight with Z46??

    • I see ty so is it recommended to grind german dd?I don’t have a T10 dd yet

    • Well that depends on your play style. German dds are DD HE resistant indeed but they are more vulnerable to AP shell due to their large dimensions even Battleships can do major damage to them. Also at high tier German dds are less stealthy compared to the other nations only beating the Soviets but not much. They also have the shortest smoke screen duration.

      The advatages of the German DDs are being versitiel that can be both “gun boats” and “torpedo boats” but they are the best ships for destroyer hunters. Unlike most other nations, they have acces to sonar starting at tier VI making them excel at flushing other DDs out of their smoke or they could scout ahead of allies to spot torpedos designated for allies and they gain acces to the improved German version of sonar (5.6km range) at Tier VIII with the Z-23. Two of the German DDs in thr tech tree can be equip with 152mm guns (Light Cruiser guns) instead of 128mm these two ships are the Tier VI Gaede and the Tier VIII Z-23. German Torps are ok.

      To play these ships well you really need to know what your opponents are capable of.

      Example, you’ll never sneak up against a IJN “torpedo boat” dd in open water but you can out gun them and take more damge than them. You will always spot a Soviet DD first but they can match or even out gun you if given the chance.

      Playing at low tier with German DDs is really fun, I even still have my low tier ones because of it, but at Tier V with T-22 is gonna be a pain to play.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      As for now in my opinion they are great I started playing them after getting tired of the IJN and US DD lines They all are good to very good in most things except for concealment and sometimes maneuver But the low tiers are amazingly fun with the forward launchers, the T22 is quite good with the concealment buff and the captain with the skill and the Gaede, which is where I am now, is an awesome all rounder plus the option to choose 150s I really like them and it appears they get better and better So as for me, they are great

    • Ikazuchi in a straight gunfight German DD are stronger than US DD, especially when Hydro is involved. Z46 didn’t use AP which would have ended the Fletcher even faster.

    • Lee Cupp, just one correction, only the Z-52 has the german Hydro, all the others have the nromal one

  5. Here we can see the average BB player in WoWs. Watch as they soon sent they’re complaints to Wargaming demanding to Nerf DDs.

  6. therandomnessisreal

    Polyushko polye <3
    Schön, dass du die alten WoT Soundtracks benutzt, die waren echt super. Schade, dass die alle raus sind, sowohl die Openings als auch die Combat Musik.

  7. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Only one fault French camo on german ship is triggering the living shit out of me LOL GG

  8. I liked his fairly aggressive play style.

  9. At least Bots would know enough not to sit still, detected, in front of a fa king DD.  LOL

  10. Omfg the amount of salt would be enough for the seven seas…great video showcasing the potential of the Z line (honestly he couldn’t do significantly more dmg with AP in those questionable situations and still got the kills…)

  11. awesome match

  12. Good torpedo attacks. Would love anymore liberal use of AP however especially against flat broadsides.

  13. Indianapolis: “I radared an enemy destroyer, and I didnt shoot him, he captured B and I cannot recapture, so DD is in the area, the best idea is hide behind the island and stop the engine.”

  14. Leningrad: “I was spotted by enemy DD, its posible he launched me torpedoes, so the best idea its go foward with the destroyer and go straight in the same direction.”

  15. Torpedo hits. Is there anything more satisfying?

  16. CynicallyObnoxious

    46 is an amazing DD on par imo with Fletcher

  17. I wish i had such oblivious sheeps as enemies only once a day would be fine….

  18. Some audio of the persons thoughts comments would be enjoyable.

  19. Im prefer more Z-46 than Z- 52 , is better.

    Neptune, Tashkent and Z-46 are my Favorites Ships than T10 (Mino, Khaba and Z-52)

    Nice Video!

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