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Today we play World of ! This WoW online includes , battling, funny moments, , wtf moments and more! is a game featuring ww 1 and warships.


  1. Patu brothers BROTHERS

    First comment

  2. Hi from Hong Kong

  3. Hi I’m a big fan

  4. 5 views 90 likes wtf

  5. Do more gta

  6. Yay you play world of wars ships please make more you are my favorite YouTuber

  7. Today is my birthday show me some love

  8. When i see the video I click it even if I’m in the middle of watching something else this is way better

  9. Kwehead of talent reation CCO

    5 views 115 likes 54 comments YouTube are you drunk?

  10. 5 views and 187 likes umm ok

  11. Who else remembers isekCTV

  12. Are yall dateing

  13. Rip lil peep

  14. *Just go Off the Radar, or activate Ghost Organization!*

  15. Hey Guys I am a Youtuber
    I am making a president escort video in GTA online
    We will be escorting someone from the airport to the military base with cops cars, insurgents, jets helicopter and more !!!!
    Join me

  16. This game is cool??

  17. This is strange to watch from you, more used to jingles and ichase

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