Sinking Ships is The Game! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. GG Spartan

  2. Spartan can you do a best off Alabama and play sweet home Alabama in the back round 😁

  3. Hey Spartan good to see another quality live (solo) stream from you. Pleased you’ve found a way to shutdown the stream snipers! Appreciated! 👍 ⚓

  4. Carriers are balanced. How many times do we gotta cover this lol

    • lol, yeah, all the balance. They’re so balanced they “balance” (f up the game for) every other ship type. Good times.

    • @177SCmaro they don’t lmao. Stop complaining lol

    • @XxassasinxX 425 Yes they do. And you first.
      Carriers screw up caping and spotting for dds, support positioning for dpm/light cruisers, and always have cross fires on heavy cruisers and bbs. All while risking absolutely nothing sitting in the back of the map with light cruiser detection range in spite of being larger than a bb.
      There are reasons so many players are annoyed with cvs and say that they shouldn’t be in the game or at least have a seperate game mode.
      A separate game mode would prove very quickly just how popular it is playing against cvs.

    • @177SCmaro no they dont

    • @XxassasinxX 425
      Brilliant argument. You sure convinced me.

  5. Lol, if anything, at point blank technically bb shells should have a tendency to be going high since most bbs irl could only depress their guns so far. It’s just another case of the devs getting it ass backwards somewhat forgivable since its an arcade game, I guess.

  6. Also, totally with you on the “the better you perform, the worse your rng”. Every so often I play a few of my fav tier 3 bbs and it’s like the game gives noobs at least 2-3 chances not to get removed from derping around broadside in front of me.

  7. Thanks for the great stream Spartan. I was in the Hsienyang in your Amagi match. I thought I had you dev struck my man! That would of been awesome to say I achieved. You taught me well on your videos over the years. Thanks again for building a good community around this game that we love to hate 😎 GG and see ya on the seas 🥃

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