Sinop Battleship | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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review of the Soviet Russian Battleship Sinop in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available for PS4 and XBox 1.


  1. Awesome I really like the bow of this ship looks like a fire nation bow from air Bender

  2. Also my guess is after this we getting French destroyers or the new tier

  3. Super partie, Avec le Sinop 👍

  4. I guess no matter how bad your team is, there is a chance their team is even worse. GG

  5. Something I’d recommend is propulsion systems on these ships(maybe anyship for that matter)due to how extremely handy it becomes in dodging torps an correcting turns to fire into broadside up close.

  6. Sinop, don’t you mean the simp-op. Made with 1 1/3 of a brain cell

  7. I just want another Russian BB I’ve got the T3 &T4 played them and enjoyed them but they are maxed out and accurring Elite XP. So not playing them since I’ve got other ships to grind out.

    Great video like usual TBull!

  8. Please do an Izmail video.

  9. Definitely one of my favorite ships from PC WoWs, wasn’t lucky enough to get one in the Soviet containers but I’m hyped to finally play it on console. If it’s the same as it is on PC just remember to not bow tank without angling, otherwise anything with 16′ guns is gonna overmatch it and citadel you. Only frustrating thing about playing it is how it overpens so much, and you really have to cross your fingers that cruisers angle so that your shells don’t go straight through them. Against other BB’s this thing is a beast though and has a lot of things going for it.

  10. Looks pretty good. I got the 3,4. and 5 so it’s nice to the next one up isn’t a dude as I have enjoyed the others.

  11. Love how it only lets your spam junk. Happens to me when I need people to shoot the destroyer.

  12. J. Max Stallsmith

    Just wanted to let you know that the level of the ships in Warships for PC gamers are off by one tier from PS4 or Xbox. I am learning quite a bit from watching you play and it has helped me out A LOT!!!! Thanks so much for putting out all these vids for Warships!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This ship is alot of fun, good vid, interesting to see commander build as well…thanks

  14. When do the Russian battleships get released out of early access?

  15. I really like that ship

  16. Just wait until you get the Vladivostok! She has powerfu guns which are accurate at long range, despite the so called inaccurate long range Soviet guns.. Her only weakness is her broadside but her amazing firing angles make up for it.

    In the hands of a skilled player she is nearly impossible to kill 1v1 while bow tanking.

  17. GG, but what the Heck was your Team doing??? I believe there are a lot of High Tier players who could not, as Jingles puts it “avoid the rush of shit to the Brain and basically paid their way to Tier 7 without actually taking the time to learn the game 90% Tier 7 BBs in reverse spamming HE with the biggest guns in the game. There should have Ben a Time limit on passing through the Tiers including a W/L ratio above 50% and proven time in Tier 6 & 7 e.g. 6 months minimum playing before Tier 7 allowed and no way to Free XP to Tier 7 as well.

  18. U forgot Stone the Crows 😂

  19. You must of gotten all my usual teammates 😂 run to one side that they don’t need to be

  20. Has anyone noticed that Mikhail increases turret rotation with him on Sinop 180• turn time is 50.7 seconds where Lev is 47.4 seconds should Mikhail decrease turret rotation not increase brawler build you would want 180 turn time to be quick as possible

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