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Checking out the tier 7 Soviet Battleship, we are in a tier 8 match and have to protect our lower armor for the match up. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time.

Tier VII Soviet Battleship Sinop Replay R; Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. The T7-bb “sign-up” Hahaha, thanks for this laugh Notser xD

  2. I still think that increased accuracy with closer range should have been given to help the German bbs along with other buffs, but that’s just wishful thinking. The Russian bbs seem okay, a little bit too strong in my opinion. That’s having seen Flamu’s video. I might change my thoughts after watching Notser’s. So, I think Notser’s video also shows how punishing mistakes can be in the Soviet bbs, while Flamu shows how powerful they can be if used properly. I feel like some changes need to be made, to better balance them, but only time will tell. Keep up the good work Notser.

    • +Dylan Wight not to mention 100% of Hoods dmg come from its main guns. Gneisenaus if played rite should be 60% guns 30% torps and 10% seconderys.

    • +Farmer Balmer If I find myself being farmed by enemy BBs it’s because I’m the last one left alive on the flank and I’m lining up a last hurrah torpedo run because I’ve nothing else to lose.

      Gneisenau’s armour and torpedoes are good, her secondaries are sufficient, and her main battery is awful beyond 12km, and even that is pushing it. You have to choose between a secondary build (not optimal) or making your main battery not complete dogshit.

      Gneisenau is only good if the enemy allows you to manipulate their position to your advantage, but she’s completely reliant on your team pulling their weight and not abandoning you. She c an lead a charge, but she cannot sustain it. The tools simply are not there.

      All Gneisenau needs to be a properly effective brawler is better sigma (firing at a broadside FdG at 7km and missing with each shell is not a good feeling…) and an increased maximum secondary battery range of 9.7km.

    • +Dylan Wight you can’t give a ship only +s almost every thing on the gneisenau is a plus except the guns are trolls. Take the mino the only t10 cruiser that can be overmatched by some other t9 and 10 cruisers, dose it need a buff? No because its stronger than those other ships in different places. And yes up tiring will always be hard in a T7. The fact that you say you’re always the last on your flank alive isn’t a good thing.

    • +Farmer Balmer

      The fact that I’m always the last alive on my flank is only indicative of one thing — that I know how to angle my fucking armour. It seems to be an extremely elusive skill for most players. But when you see those sort of basic misplays at tier-IX, is it any wonder that I’m the last left alive on my flank?
      My average damage in Gneisenau is 67K. Not bad but not great. My average potential damage is 2.3M… I’m pretty sure I know how to play this ship despite her glaring imbalances.

      The fact of the matter is her guns need a buff. She has fewer barrels than any of her competition, including all Tier-V ships she faces. Her calibre is insufficient to overmatch the bow armour of half the battleships she faces, and a good few cruisers to boot. Her secondaries do not perform as well as they should (they don’t get glorious German 1/4 penetration the way the 150s, later 105s and later 128s do). Her torpedoes are situational at best and you’re lucky to be _able_ to use them even if you set up that situation perfectly before being permanently destroyed by HE spam.

      All Gneisenau has going for her is her armour (her speed is nice too, credit where it’s due). If you’re not using it, then you’re not playing correctly. Her armour keeps her alive, not her guns.

    • Farmer Balmer with their giant superstructure for he spam, significantly reduced number of guns, ( 6 guns for gneis) and small guns for their tier ( Bismarck, also only 8 guns) and then they have terrible accuracy…? Okay… you have good secondaries and amazing armor. The guns could use a slight reload buff (2-4 seconds) if you’re against a sigma buff. If you’re against buffing the main guns, that’s fine, they’re not the selling point. Buff the secondaries and/or consumables. Give it a slightly faster cooldoen for Damon, an extra heal, maybe also with a slightly faster cool down, secondary buffs could include 105s 1/4 pen, increased rate of fire, increased range, increased fire chance, increased accuracy ( this one would be amazing). We don’t necessarily need all of these buffs as they would together most likely make the ships insanely op, and I don’t think all the ships need the help, I think gneis, Bismarck and Freddy need the most focus. They have been power crept pretty hard, and need some buffs to remain relevant and effective in the constantly changing meta.

  3. “Sihn-ope” Notser. Short i, long o. Pronounced quickly.

  4. I like that they are attempting to reward aggressive play.

    • I guees the germans were a fail then if they have to make something like the soviets are.
      German BBs (when the Soviets come live) are obsolete.

    • +TraMaChi and they were my favorite line 🙁
      I think they should buff the secondaries to hell like 15 km on Bismark to make them actualy scary

    • Yet you armor cant brawl like ur guns. Ya real “brawler” line………….

  5. Sounds like a completely different experience than Flamu.
    I feel Notser is underestimating the armor by a long way.

    • Yep, but difference of opinion is good. In my opinion the armor will get nerfed. It is indeed a bit too much. Looks like 2/3 of the visible parts of the ship can’t be damaged by CL without IFHE and even the CAs will have issues with the upper belt armor.

    • How Notser sees the armor is pretty much ignorancy, it isnt in any way weak or bad, infact it is the strongest at T7 by far (except maybe Hood, but u have massive tradeoff for said armor).

    • he’s just bad in bbs

    • All he’s done is give the headline bow armour, without recognising the MASSIVE difference those extra strips near waterline give against bow shots if you present a little angle. His angling in this game was far worse than it needed to be as the gun arcs are god tier, as is the turret rotation.
      He took massive damage because he turned away; had he stopped while turning IN then backing away, the Mass would’ve had all sorts of problems.

    • +tegli4 What I’d prefer is instead of nerfing the armor, they should nerf the firing angles so that you have to choose between either risking penetrations or limiting your own firepower. First and most important, the front turrets should not be superfiring. Sinop is a modernized version of the 1917 Black Sea Battleship design, which had non-superfiring turrets. And as it stands right now, Sinop can bow-tank like Gneisenau (they both have belt armor on the lower half of their bow that’s too thick for anything to overmatch), and but its bow-on firepower also exceeds Gneisenau’s broadside firepower. That’s silly and shouldn’t be the case.

  6. I feel like Notser and Flamu were talking about two different ships.

    • That’s why I watch both. Their reviews are often very different.

    • NA server less punishing player mistakes if ever come to mind

    • Different people, different play styles, it’s good that we heard from different perspectives.

    • +Eric Phan Flamu’s playstyle apparently involves doing a better job of playing to the ship’s strengths. Notser seems to not have understood how valuable that 113mm belt going all the way to the bow is. He just assumed you can’t bow-tank because of the 25mm extremity plating. Flamu seems to have done a lot more studying of the ship’s armor *before* taking it into battle to understand how to properly use it.

    • +RedXlV Flamu is like “how to play the ship”, Notser is like “how to not play the ship” =))))

  7. 113mm lower bow buddy how about let’s not undersell the armor

  8. flamu’s video : how to play Sinop
    notser’s video : how to not play Sinop

  9. Notser got only punished because he gave potato broadside when he honestly didnt had to. Not a single BB can kill u (reliable pen and citadel u) if they try shooting AP at your bow or angled side.
    113mm plating far above the waterline making it Idiotproof at bow tanking against enemy BBs (especially if they arent british), but in return u can pump out disgusting damage (especially at close range). Those 25mm patches are very small and not reliable pen source. Calling the Soviet armor schemes in any way weak is ignorant. Fact

  10. Nice Vid Notser..keep up the Great work you do! Screw the haters

  11. WE NEED BUFFS ON THE GERMAN LINE FFS!The soviets are going to make them absolete 🙁

    • dude Germans can’t be citadel and have hydro

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +zlkimagenX Germans only start to have hydro at T8, and they can be citadeled from long range. Secondaries are obsolete thanks to Massachusetts & French BBs, and the guns are more inconsistent at T9 & 10 which make them helpless against the long range HE spammers. Their gigantic size adds another salt to the wound.

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing I could see this type of close range dispersion buff being added to the German BBs.

    • Michael Constantin

      +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Plus the secondary dispersion is terribad even with manual secondaries, and the 105mm on the Bismarck cannot pen even level DD hull (if you even hit one)

    • Michael Constantin

      +zlkimagenX Doesn’t matter about not being citadeled when you eat 15k salvos from KGV because your upper belt ARMS ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

  12. whats funny is the conclusion of Notser and flamu bout this ship are COMPLETELY different, one statue its OP and tanky when angling, the other says its not really meant for that

    • also, the comment ”they take so much dmg”…kek at sub 10km full broadside to a bama on a bad play…duh

    • +thomas duhamel Yeah, I gotta agree. Not only is this things armor not weak, or illsuited to brawling, in actual practice, if played that way, it fookin’ ROCKS it.

  13. Nice seeing a complete techtree line getting obsolete after Soviet BBs release. Dont know why you would play german BBs after those machines are released. Turtleback? doesnt matter if u take 20+ salvos anyway, Secondaries? They are an extra, not your main armament, Guns? Worse angles, traverse, damage all abroad.
    The only thing that german BBs have over the Soviet ones are faster gun reload, better turning, and tankier turrets (and in some cases Torps aswell).
    Turtleback isnt gonna save u much if you eat 20+k salvos (or get citadelled if u are angled correctly) and secondaries are only gonna help with fires, because most of the armor is far beyond the secondaries pen values, but as we allready know, the Soviet demacon is way better and way better at brawling.

    • U h h h h, angling

    • You missed another important difference: everything German up to and including tier 8 was built and fought in either WW1 or WW2.
      But, yes, I’ve been making exactly the same point. Germans have seen every other BB line get underwater citadels without the penalty of taking massive standard pen hits, and they don’t get this “improved closer range main gun accuracy” that clearly WG could have given them.
      Well, Soviet stuff magically dominating their opponents isn’t exactly new for WG.
      Having said all that, they ARE still very early so it remains to be seen how they are modified after the (probably ridiculous) data the CCs generate playing them.

    • Turtleback armour doesn’t matter? You know whats the difference? You told about 20 + salvoes, i tell u 80 k salvoes with exposed citadel at close range, tht is the difference. This improved accuracy is the only thing they have. Why were not you whining when then Conqueror came out? Now THAT made GK obsolete

    • I’ve seen a vid about a GK doing 362k damage of which 140k was secundary dmg including fires, which also came from the secundaries. I wouldn’t call close to half of the damage output “extra”. And yes, such an amont of dmg is rare, but so are these monster of wows players. In the end it’s a team game and I see enough idiots even on top tier that keep showing their citadel. And let me assure you, Montana, yamato and the likes can do a lot with a long range citadel opportunity. What I am saying is that 1 on 1 comparisons are bullshit as teamplay, individual skill level, maps, gamemodes, individual situations, etc all mitigating strengths and weaknesses of ships ingame. A good GK captain will still wreck a worse Kremlin captain and a worse GK captain can still do better than an unlucky good Kremlin captain.

  14. I think you need to take another look at the armour model for this ship, it can bow tank Musashi as long as you don’t go 100% bow in or the enemy manages to hit that little part at the top front of the bow with that 110mm band across the front above the waterline, also has a lot of 35mm on the deck. This ship is way too OP to be released in this state. Stop shilling for WG, we want the old Notser back, you could trust what he used to say. Yes a very exciting line, it has speed, great armour, a stupidly fast turret traverse, in fact way too many good things and no real downside unlike pretty much every other BB line in the game, because Russia…

  15. george marnelakis

    I have a feeling that i’m gna love the Russian BB line!

  16. Best in class guns in terms of caliber, angling and accuracy. In the Top of the class in terms of speed, turret rotation and health pool. While it only has tier norm of 25mm bow deck, it has 110 mm bow side armor which can’t be over matched by Mushashi. Just saw it in a tier 8 match where it did 200k+ and was top gun. Not sure, but to casual eye it appears to be another OP Soviet ship. Just saying.

  17. Idk notser I feel like that the 25mm armor on this one is just some patches while it mostly has 100+mm armor, even the bowl and stern are only halfway coated in 25mm

  18. im sure half of the bow is 100mm+ thick notser?????????????

  19. The armor is really bad? NOTSER WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! It has a plate all along the bow that cannot be over matched by anything or penetrated by most HE. This means no frontal citadels. It has 35mm armor on the deck, which also can’t be over matched (there is some 25mm plating too.) The superstructure is very small, which means that it will be harder to deal damage to, similar to the Nikolai. Also, even if it did have bad armor, it still had a huge health pool. The great firing angles mean that you don’t have to show broadside if played well. Finally, the belt is very, very thick; at long ranges some BBs can’t even penetrate into the citadel. The Nagato is an example of a BB with bad armor. It has 25mm all over. Sinop has great armor.

    • I know, right? You can even look at the armor layout, see the belts and the kinda turtle back, and that thing is a bow tank god. Good luck dropping any cits on THAT deck, my man. And forget about the nose, it’ll be long over saturated before ya get one in thru there.

  20. No coincidence it ends with OP

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