Skip the Grind, Buy a Yamato! – World of Warships – ARP Yamato

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  1. I believed them when they said they wouldn’t sell tier 10 premiums when they only had tier 8 premiums. When tier 9 premiums came out I knew it was only a matter of time until we saw a premium tier 10. I’m actually surprised that it took this long to get a tier 10 premium too

  2. You’re crying aren’t you. . . You laugh, but I know you’re crying. . .

    • 😉 just shedding a few internal tears for what could have been

    • @iChaseGaming It doesn’t bother me in the least. Everything else still pales in comparison to the CV rework. Next to that, everything else is at most a minor annoyance.

    • @iChaseGaming what could have been? What’s your ideal situation surrounding the new ARP ships?

    • @Julian Fan I bet his answer would be an actual mission or campaign to earn the ARP Yamato, or just ARP themed camo’s being sold for doubloons rather than an entirely separate clone ship.

    • @Julian Fan They could sell camo’s. That would be fair. But instead they’re selling an actual ship and the legendary module for it.

  3. Why Iam no longer suprised that WG decided to do this considering lasts year PR disaster

  4. I remember December 2015 and Jan 2016 when WG actually had a hard grind for the original 2 ARP ships. So sad to see how far the game has devolved since then. Sigh. Glad I stepped away.

    • Yeah, nothing lost at all. More time for other things!

    • @iChaseGaming like working out, exercise and social things lol

    • the product is in the sunset of its lifespan. They dont expect this game to continue growing organically. So it’s becoming more about squeezing every penny out of the happy whales and oblivious retiree dads. This game tries really hard to get people to justify spending a week’s grocery bill on a single digital ship that they may play 10 hours in. Theyre good at that. F2p is how I play. I just accept that I can’t have everything I want. No problem. For $0 this game is really something special.

  5. Chase sounds more dead every time he laughs

    • After seeing all the stuff WG has done over the last few years…internally you just begin dying lol

    • @iChaseGaming Things like….California reload nerf for no reason at all, Hizen nerfs for days, unneeded Italian battleship nerfs, tier 10 premium(s) for sale, attempted implementation of subs, the current state of AA being pointless, the CV reeeeeeeeework, the Puerto Rico epic fail event, slapping Oklahoma with a 40s reload, the split-line BB event, the latest Lunar New Year random bundles blitz, EXTREMELY expensive bundles, Wargaming’s new focus on BOUNCY BOMBS (skip bombs), because that’s “necessary”….etc. and etc.

      Yeahhh, WG’s done a LOT of questionable/bad decisions for WoWs, no question. Well…here’s hoping that the upcoming Captain Skills Rework ends up being a plus!

    • dead inside and he has reason..

  6. Oh, and by the way – critiquing WG policy from the point of view of “player enjoyment” is pointless – it’s a business. This will however almost certainly kill the business ….

  7. PickelJars ForHillary

    I can skip the grind of the Izumo.
    [See’s price]
    Eh, I’ll grind the Izumo.

  8. A weeb here.
    But like a dual-type Pokémon, my secondary typing is Student.

    x4 weakness to money.

  9. Every time I play a tier then match now I see proof that the whaling industry is alive and well. It’s just gross!

  10. The first ARP mission was almost as hard as the Puerto Rico event. The second time around it was much more easier. So I don’t look at that as getting it for free. I had to work my ass off to get the ARP battleships and Cruisers. Like you, I go way back when Wargaming stated that there will never be subs, guns larger than the Yamato and no tier 10 will ever be for sell. Like everybody says, money talks and b***s*** walks.

    • But at least after the grind it gives you the ship Free …..the PR event for most people have to shell out money for last two stage…..

  11. iSpent so much time grinding to the Yamato.. Now it’s simply buyable… f u WarGaming!

  12. Everyone in your discord: ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!!!

  13. The Legendary Mod is what gave me heartburn with this pay ship.

  14. I have encountered a division of 3 Arp Yamato. Basically, they just fire HE shells, sail broadside and rush the middle like idiots.

  15. Its a shame i put so much money and time in this game, and i am already don’t play this game for months.

  16. I remember when wargaming said they would never, ever sell anything higher than tier 8. Now not only are the selling tier 9s and 10s, they’re straight up selling tech tree T10s. How the mighty have fallen. Played since beta, but glad I quit when I did back in 2018. Game has become even more of a clownfiesta since then.

  17. John Angelo Tenorio

    ARP ships’ guns and shells need to have the spaceship skin/effect because that’s basically what they are.

  18. Martine Maxine Caulfield

    After Puerto Rico, everything is possible by Wargaming

  19. I feel your pain…. Laughter is fake-only tears are real.

  20. what really is gonna sux… if u get this in a Santa Chest, when you’d probably would have gotten a Monty.

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