SLAVA – 341K IN 14MIN – World of Warships

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Viel Spaß beim probiern

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  1. wtf with Yoshino and Ohio?

  2. Very bad target selection.

    • I think he played well and do what he can as Battleship in the end his team wins and he got good damage whats else you want?

    • @Hakshuuu Maybe shooting the Marceau that is spotted for years and is broadsiding right infront of him to prevent his Östergötland from dying?
      Damage Numbers are not everything ^^ Its important WHAT you damage… A conquek 300k gameplay for example is not very impressive ^^

    • @Hakshuuu when you see enemy dd at that range you should go for a dd first. Try best to support our dd to keep them alive is the key.

  3. 알아맞춰보세요

    why .. name SLAWA ??

  4. What’s wrong with Ohio…
    How can a noob buy Ohio???

  5. Антон Иванов

    Авик красава

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  7. Ohio is still reversing

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