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Danke !


  1. “Report, nice aimbot shit” people clearly cant read ship stats or check out the new stuff for the patch. Slava is known to totally devastate anything broadside from pretty much any range. Target rich environment, very fun to watch.

    • besides that… Aimbot isnt that strong in WoWs… there are so much better cheats to use, bcs in WoWs u can nearly doge every shell just by using WASD

    • Sail broadside to Tier X battleship, get paddling. No aimbot needed. To wit, the first statement about The Slava on is “Slava is the epitome of the _sniper_ BB archetype”.

  2. very hard to get Ship….working on it =)

    • Could you please tell us what’s the best way to get it (i didn’t reset any tree yet).. Like how many tech tree need to reset and gain in order to have enough RP?

    • @Muhat SY Let me help as much as I can. The easy way is fxp like I’m doing now. Reset Harugumo line which is the cheapest at 675k+. If you reset now you will get 20k research points because it’s X2. In few days time X2 is gonna be back so I will reset Harugumo line again to get 20k points and lastly need another reset to get 10k. Total from reset 50k plus 10k given by wg it’s 60k total from 3 reset. 3k well get from monthly daily mission.

      The hard way if you don’t have the fxp is just straight up grind. Choose your fav line then reset and just grind to t10. Gonna take you awhile unless you grind hard play alot everyday.

      The bad alternative is use real money buy doubloons and convert to fxp. This the method you should not ever do.

      Hope this helps.

    • @ahwai82 thank you ffor your reply bro really appropriate it

  3. That moment when 3 were shooting you . You: 1 shot 1 . Then the 2nd then the 3rd ran away 😂😂

  4. imagine sailing broadside to a BBS and than complain that much. embarassing

  5. Thay Puerto Rico read patch notes last time during update 0.8.1

  6. Very common 43% bot who’s complaining there. Play 4 phun dont need to know how some ships work^^ Holy crap these broadsides looked pretty tasty. WP so far

  7. Yep, average Puerto Rico player right there.

  8. The PR pleb matches perfectly the description of WeeGee’s perfect customer ” shit for brains but with a big wallet that makes him belive that skill comes by spending” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. A BB that doesn’t tank, brain dead player obvious from start in 1 vs 1 game !

  10. Puerto Rico…6k battles, Personal Rating: 678, Avg Damage approx. 37k, Winrate: 43%…hm..seems like he does not understand the game…but understands how credit cards work…

    • Noticing it a lot recently.
      They almost need to change the game to where you can’t play Tier 10 until you earn 50% or more win rate,By then you have learned how to play and understand basics.
      Some games I get now have players with 37% at high tier and basically throw the match, even seen clan divisions with 3 players that had under 45% and every time it happens the game is a complete fail before it is even half way.
      What’s worse is then they start blaming others in chat despite doing the very things you should learn not to do by the time you reach tier 5. lol

    • @Shane Mc Grath If that is the case then no. of players playing T10 will drop, maybe 1/3 will be left since the no of players having 50% win rate are very few and WG doesn’t want to do that.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      @Shane Mc Grath Having that standard would force at least 60% of T10 players to quit. Even getting a 50% WR from the playerbase in general is too much to ask for now.

    • Wallet warrior XD

    • @tcmsupahot Yeah maybe. Even me as a free to play player is envious of those who could by these premiums. The only premiums i could have are coal, free xp and steel ships.

  11. Nothing special just enemies sailing broadside all game

  12. I’m just here to talk about the perfect battleship. Obviously, it needs to look aesthetically pleasing, which all nation’s T10 BB achieves besides for Republique. Exceptional designs include the Conqueror design and the Kremlin design.
    Secondly, it needs to have nice sounding guns or many guns, which again all of them has
    Thirdly, it needs to have amazing cannons or dpm which only Thunderer, Slava and Yamato has.
    Lastly, it doesn’t need to tank, but it must have enough armour to get out from between a rock and a hard place

    This is why Slava and Thunderer are so cancerous. They are pretty much a big iron middle finger to anything it sees. You can’t fight it, you can’t run from it, you can’t hide from CVs

    Good job wargaming

  13. within a month, there will be 400k damage vids of that thing. It’s überbroken.

  14. Report alright, But not the Slava player.
    Report the Puerto Rico player for sailing full broadside to not one salvo but two against an accurate BB at tier 10.
    Go back to co op bruh!

  15. Slava WG balance department. But I’m more concerned about again a CV alive end game doing lots of damage.

  16. rEPorT SlaVA fOr aHImbOut
    **still showing braodside**

  17. The 2 op ships congratulate each other. Lol. Well played Petro that you sat bow in all game and 4 ships could do nothing to you… Well played slawa that evaporated everyone regardless of angle, especially in the Odin kill…. Or hit em like a truck all the time with the rail guns. The only thing that is more broken in this game is the cv.

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Almost all were broadside, but the PR was the worst offender lol

  19. And here we go again, russian bias with toxic gameplay

  20. Man I want that ship but I haven’t the time to give my life away😂

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