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Testing out the unnerfs that WG recently adjusted on the Slava, faster of 30 seconds and turret traverse of 45 seconds. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Soviet Battleship Slava – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I still wonder what’s the point of Montana or Yamato then.

    • @UMKRiot Conquerors only shit HE and fart fires while other BBs either tank, take out cruisers or flank. Basically being least strategic as a BB. We have other classes of ships whose primary role is to burn ships. Having a BB doing damage over time aka fires is not as useful as a BB that can deal alpha damage which cannot be healed completely. And as I said, we have other ship classes to harass angled targets. Yes, Conqueror has super heal but don’t worry; if he pushes, he shall die before his next heal. And it is by far the squishiest T10 BB I’ve faced. Angled? No problem. 17k. Sorry but Conqueror is just an easy damage warship that doesn’t serve the purpose that a BB should.

    • @Sefa Semih Sönmez
      if conq is running and angling, he will probably burn u down too quickly. still, 1v1 isnt what decides which ship is better. GK is far more flexible and has way more tankiness and is WAY stronger up close with awesome firepower.

    • @Billy The Dog
      Slava is probably better as long as its far away…but it does have less guns and less repairs.
      also the huge citadel makes Slava ultra punishable and totally useless up close.

    • Lemons & Listerine

      @UMKRiot Shut the fuck up. You’re just sitting on your ass in the back of the map HE spamming all day, crying and complaining that Montana is clearly a better ship while not admitting it. My suggestion is maybe be good at the game before you talk shit about something?

    • Lemons & Listerine

      @UMKRiot Not to mention that Conqueror is a retarded ship that doesn’t need much skill to operate.

  2. “What could be the best possible selling ship for our largest server?”
    “I don’t know. Probably a long range Russian battleship sniper at Tier X?”
    “Damn, good idea. Everyone will pay tons of money for free experience to get through the undesired ones just for the cherry on top. And they need a premium to get the right commander skills too, without playing the rest of the line that plays differently.”

    • @stefanos perivolaris And I dont think the Conquror will mind trading with it either

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @sub ohm conq? we got new brit t10 on de wae

    • @stefanos perivolaris Thunderer

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @sub ohm t10 thunderer with 2.0 sigma underwater citadel super heal and 77% fire chance comrade

    • @Sabre Vanson I cant comment on the Kremlin as Im still on the Soyuz you are correct about them being situational you have to look for targets of opportunity and just cant spam shells due to long reload up to tier 8. They do offer a bit of resistance to HE spammers but they will still get you in the end

  3. Having a ship in the game that consistently deletes you from 20km “takes away from my personal enjoyment” more than slow turret traverse…

    • @Sergey Chmelev “JuSt DOdgE”
      – WG on CV, now you on Slava.

      Most BBs can’t dodge 20 km shots you throw at it throws them with Stalingrad accuracy and shell velocity. Bigger cruisers have a hard time doing that at times.

    • @Salt Efan i dodge salvoes like that in bismark all u do is drop the speed and turn in or out what are u talking about

    • Play conqueror problem solved

    • @Sergey Chmelev A lot easier said than done with the physics-defying shell velocity and how easy it is to set up a cross fire from that far away. Should I “just dodge” the hyperspeed Soviet shells incoming from 20km and hope the rest of the enemies at 10-12km don’t notice my broadside in the process? Unless you’re a complete moron, there is no reason to ever be in danger with this ship until the rest of the team is dead. It’s what people complain about with CV’s except its a quick trip back to port instead of slow painful torture.

    • so basically, it’s a carrier but you get to shoot back

  4. “Players are going to enjoy the Slava”. Well the owners will, for sure. I’m not so sure about this ship’s victims; this ship is going to become as cancerous as CVs are.

    • Yes, of course I will enjoy playing this overpowered shi(t)p.

    • leops1984 let’s not forget conq.

    • Actually wouldn’t most players then play the Slava also as it is tech tree and will be fairly easy top acquire. Its funny how everything in the game is cancer except the ship people play themselves.The whole game is now a toxic cesspit.

  5. Finally there is a battleship for shitty camper bbs who avoid the objective and only care about running away and farming dmg like me.

  6. Idk why everyone seems to think Battleships need to push in, the sheer volume of close range damage enough to wipe you out in a minute of two is insanely high right now, DDs could wipe out a Kremlin in one salvo so unless your team pushes with you and Cruisers tend to hide at the back for fear of being instantly killed so then you have BBs pushing into the team doing their job and running into DDs doing their job granted but with no counter or team play to back the BB up. What needs to happen is HE needs to be nerfed and BBs need to be forced to fight each other then go after cruisers so then cruisers can support and kill the DDs who scout for their team.

    • This is one of the few commentary right on the point. WG listen up!

    • That where german bb come into play,?

    • KD is not 6’9 you can’t hit shit with them, the aa is mediocre, they burn like tinder and their torpedobelt is nonexistent. in this meta they are totally useless

    • You are correct in what you say BBs dont have to push but the meta demands it if BBs dont push in HE spammers have nothing to farm and DDs have nothing to torpedo and they will all cry

    • you assume DDs are still playing WOWS …. what planet are you on? The meta is AA CA, Kremlin/Conqueror/Yamato and CV. Literally that is the game. They have finally killed their game.

  7. Notser I really like your videos in general, but in recent times you are less and less critical… and this one is an example of. The whole game is going in a direction I do not like not only considering the poorly implemented and still unfinished CV rework but also the growing power creep with rushed testing … not amusing anymore 🙁

    • Truth

    • Yeah, he’s putting out matter-of-facts kind of videos that seem to exist only in a vacuum from the current messed up game meta. It’s kind of “meh” watching those :/

    • Just quit. Thats what I did, and I’m VERY happy I did. WoWS is going exactly like WoT, and currently WoT is losing players. WG doesn’t have the players best interest in mind at all. If they did, they would rework the CV rework.

    • @Max Saviano I’ve been playing very little for the last few weeks… Here and there to help my clan with naval battles but that’s it… I’m more busy replaying old-as-hell games like Theme Hospital, Dune (from Cryo) and reinstalled the Witcher 2 which I never ever finished (not even really started to be honest). Feels like a good break. WoWs has lost its touch in a New York minute if I’ve seen any.

    • @Max Saviano I play AA build BBs and American cruisers only nowadays. I was forced to quit DDs after rework because I simply couldn’t enjoy one game with them. I wasn’t the best DD player back then but now I’m trashed by CVs every time I play them. They were the most thrilling class of ships I played but oh well… You got to say goodbye at some point…

  8. Hmm what’s the point of the KM and USN bbs now? The Montana is completely average except for accuracy and AA but then this is better. The KM bbs suck even more. Look at the GK vs the Kreml at close range. Kreml has faster turrets, more HP, much better accuracy, and srguably a better damage con. The KM were supposed t be the brawling bbs but they don’t get the stupid accuracy the RU ones do. I’m betting that this ship will come out for steel for all of the super unicums to unlock; just like the balansgrad. However, with the current meta pushing forward is basically suicidal with the dds, cvs and radar everywhere. So the KM is even worse off now. The RU bbs can bow tank with good accuracy. The gk can’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside. But that’s just my two cents.

    • MCGamingCenter pretty well said

    • So basically they want to powercreep everything out of the game, until everyone is only playing Russian ships? can’t they just develop a different game for the Russian server? That way RU can have their OP BS, and the rest of us can have a well balanced game?

    • Levi Van der veen

      There was someone that tested kremlin vs gk 1v1 up close, the gk won almost every time

    • @Levi Van der veen Whoever used the Kremlin obviously had no idea what they were doing, I’ve gone up against Kremlins in my GKF and literally can’t do anything to it because of bow tank. Like even secondaries do nothing, just ricochet or not pen at all. Doesn’t matter how angled I am towards Kremlin I always get slapped and I can’t deal anything back bc main battery don’t pen or even hit the target.

    • I agree almost with everything except close range GK vs Kremlin. I can take 2 Kremlins any day as long as its close range … that is if you angle and 2ndary build. In rankeds I farm Kremlins easy. Yes they can shoot my superstructure but that is hardly best target for them and 2ndaries eat them alive while my main guns can shoot anything i desire , did 200k + so many times in rankeds because tons of bbs and people really think GK aint that dangerous in CQC. Let me tell it is. That particular game i had 89k damage from 2ndaries and another 43k from fires they made.

      People tend to also forget how hard it is to Citadel GK and YES THIS ship can make ridiculous turn around and live when Kremlin/Yamato etc citadels will get blown to pieces.
      Not to mention hydro , how many BBS i saw pushing into cap trying to do something about smoked up dd. Well GK is unmatched expert in dealing with such crisis situations.

      Now I’m not saying GK is best BB around , fact is far from it. But it does have merits that I personally love.

      When it comes to coming close for brawl this is my 1st choice ship.

      Kremlin and Slava indeed are OP but I have deleted broadside Kremlins enough times.
      What is OP about Kremlin is sick 60mm plating (really WTF?!!!) and that damage control that even harugumo/conqueror/worcester cant burn down this thing

  9. Making battleships so powerful that cruisers become ineffective is stupid. Way to go wargaming, what a surprise from a Russian development team on making Russian battleships the strongest. *sighs*

  10. Ill take balance over content any day

  11. to 21 km he was hit 6 of 9 projectiles… RNG not found

  12. Call it bias but the Russian ships should be the least accurate. Poor seaman ship and bad guns

    • charliedontsurf334

      Go look up Drachinifel’s video “Voyage of the Damned.” That’s all you need to know about the Russian Navy in that era.

  13. Antonio Saavedra A.

    Yey! I got wrecked by Notser and on Youtube lol

  14. “There really isn’t a counter to this ship….”

  15. charliedontsurf334

    This is what I was worried about when the Russian battleship line was introduced.

  16. Joselito Sto Tomas

    I have found that the UU Conq (pre nerf) is the best counter to the VMF BB’s.

  17. Well Russia gets its BBs from the the land of imagination. They should give everyone a super make believe BB.

  18. Hey! Love the content as always. GG. I was in the Cossack that game

  19. So is this premium, replacing Kremlin or what?

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