Smaland meets F.D. Roosevelt – NEW PREMIUM T10 CV – World of Warships

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  1. Hey panzer is ap rocket from new CV????

    • @Kisma Aja good fire chance, an an ungodly ammount of them. They just have a low alpha. HVARS are useless, but FDR has 50 of them iirc, so they become less useleds

    • @Matthew Jacob I hope so, would be cool to see some footage of FD just to see if they’re usable or not.

    • HVARs are useable, you just have to aim for parts of ships that they can pen, (bow, stern, supers) or DDs.

      They can shred a DD if you get a good volley off.

      Tiny Tims are just more popular since precise aiming is less required, and if you hit 2x rockets on a DD, it does the same as half a volley of HVARs, just less “work”.

      Seeing how many those Skypirates carry, they should devastate a DD if aimed properly. However most FDR players ive seen in game appear to not know how to play CVs well…

    • @Bigs Disagree, Tiny Tims are popular because they are effective against anything, unlike HVAR, AND they are generally easier to use.

      Probably it will be different on FD, all depends on the dispersion circle.

    • @Bigs the other thing is RNG. Even with good aim rng can screw you. It is much easier and more reliable to hit 2 shots than it is to hit 25. Same with the aim. Tiny tims can pen almost everywhere, so if rng doesn’t hit the spot you aimed, you’ll still get dmg. HE’S need great rng

  2. Might wanna change the name to “Smaland with a slight cameo from the F.D. Roosevelt near the end of the match” its more accurate

    • Mike s I know i came in here expecting to see an epic showdown between two arch nemesis.. was disappointed

  3. Tiền Nguyễn

    Look at these rockets…

    Seem like they’re hard to dodge with a dd

  4. You got me, XD. yep, It was intended that I sit there still broadside to test out the rockets from the Roosevelt, not good against DDs. Didn’t expect to see my rep here though, thx for the upload.

  5. Something that once was suposed to be an arcade game became a simple clicker game, you mindlessy just click the mouse button till the target dies…

  6. FDR is a Coal or Steel ship

  7. WiP ship F.D. Roosevelt?

  8. Freedomator Davis

    Every time I shoot my guns in this boat, the whole enemy team fires at me. It’s like they go out of their way to shoot at me. Nice game dude!

  9. Reagan Tang Lei Gen

    1.3 sec reload btw , the crew on that ship must be legendary

  10. 13:50 wtf was that, Squirtle attack?

  11. God makes me angry seeing a cv just sitting there

  12. Зашёл посмотреть как новый авик, в итоге увидел только как его бесплатно растреляли

  13. FDR looks shit. Low damage and pretty underwhelming aircraft

  14. Click bait

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