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  1. They do not stop introducing new ones, so why nerf the old ones?

  2. Its hard to believe you got Missouri, Musashi and Nelson combined for less than the Hayate!

  3. I got it when it was still available, it was the DD that really got into that class, amazing ship 🙂

  4. How do you feel about Ragnar? I think it way overtuned, especially in its performance against cruisers because of its 30mm pen.

    • All ships armed with 152mm guns starting from tier 8+ have 30mm pen. That’s like saying Worcester (152mm guns) is overtuned because it has 30mm pen

  5. Talking of Stalingrad, been after one for some time. I don’t play clan battles so it’s a hell of a grind doing the daily 6 missions to get 40 steel and ranked to get 200 here and there. Was about 1200 steel short for Stalingrad with the 25% discount. Just had a monster 2300 base XP 190k damage game in Conde in ranked, got a supercontainer and then 1500 steel. Now very happy to own Stalingrad. It was my Musashi (yes I have Musashi).

  6. Don’t play tier 10 dds anymore because of this ship even a full gun build gearing can’t compete so she’s now a full torp build

  7. What is better. Ragnar or smaland?

  8. I got Benham, Salem and Lenin. I got a few horrible one’s but not bad really.

  9. Don’t say that, I just got Sealand today lol

  10. I wish I had a clan to play ranked with… I get invited all the time but the problem is I don’t play enough to he in a clan

  11. They wont nerf it, they’ll just remove it, as usual

  12. They already nerfed it, but in a wg way, by being unable to get it now.

  13. GG in OP ship 😛

  14. DD with: Great gunpower. Few but lighting fast torps. Heals. And Radar. What could possibly go wrong ?

  15. If it was as OP as you complain then why don’t they use it more often in Clan Wars? !!! (stop giving ideas)

  16. Rather face 3 Smaland than one carrier or sub.

  17. but if it is op, why you play it and take advantage of people then?

  18. at the same time they nerf USS black and Kuznetsov

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