Smith Destroyer | World of Warships Legends Console

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Taking a look at the Smith, the tier 2 premium American USN Destroyer in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and Xbox 1. Low tier destroyer tips, tricks and tactics on the map Ring in a Smith.


  1. Hello

  2. what’s the best way to get commander crates. I feel like once every two weeks there’s a weekly challenge that can get you a single commander crate but that’s it. I’m on xbox one but i doubt that should make a difference to ps4 gameplay. If you’ve gotten 2/3 of them and like 10 duplicates of Dewey, you obviously know where to look and what to do. But have really been enjoying these.

    • Every week on Sunday there is a weekly challenge that awards one just for playing. That is the most readily available source. Other than that, they sometimes do other missions that have them as rewards and they are sometimes part of the campaigns. So basically keep an eye on the missions tab every few days and see what missions are new, those are your best bet

  3. It’s more fun when new ship lines launch. Also it can stealth launch torps if your captain has the concealment perk. Lol pull up next to a bb cut the throttle to 1/2,~3/4 then kite.

  4. You made me remember how fun the Smith can be. I mostly used it if I needed it as part of torpedo challenge or something. I think maybe I last used it trying to get a less expensive Kraken. But it was fun if you want to relax and sow chaos at the same time. Get sunk, no biggie. It can be a blast just hosing out torpedo after torpedo from super nimble sniper. I’d even tweak the steering, torp reload and damage. Ahhh Good times. Thanks for the vid.

  5. because i'm batman 5702

    The new microphone definitely seems more crisp.

    • Good to hear, I think it will be an improvement. Might take a little bit to get it dialed in, so I appreciate the feedback, it definitely helps!

  6. My 2 brothers are noobs so we play a lot of low level games and they’re fun. Sort of want the smith

    • If you’re playing those lower tier games a fair amount, I would grab this ship if you see it again. I assume it would be pretty cheap, and it is fun to play

    • Maybe you will be able to earn it. The Yubari is earnable again so it’s a possibility

  7. ‘Tactics’ in tier 2 ships. You’re killing me, brother. ?

    By the way, I assume you’re saving up the rest of the monopoly money for when the battleship update drops?

    • Yeah, I got the insignia, promo orders, crates containing duplicates and premium time. No need to buy low percentage chances to unlock ships that I will have in just over a week

    • @Tbull I hope there’s a new batch of insignias/promo orders available, would kinda suck if it were just crates.

  8. A monster yeah…cannons like the Amagi, wow

  9. Is it bad I’ve been part of a triple-Smith division? I’m… learning destroyer play?

  10. Stylo Vogel BERLIN

    I like that little ship good to play if ya had lost before or bad mood mic sounds nice you sound much more mature ??

    • Oh, that’s not the mic. I actually got a lot more mature over the last day or so, glad to hear you picked up on that ??

  11. One advantage to being a “casual player” (not much time to play, plus I’m a pleb) is that playing tier 2 isn’t a violation of my morals…?

  12. This is a fun ship to play with friends who are just starting out and may only have tier 2 stuff, great vid as always Tbull!

  13. This ship is my guilty pleasure! I know that I probably shouldn’t, but I do love going back and playing it often. It is a torpedo factory!! There is something challenging about having to fire 1 torpedo at a time instead of a spread.

  14. I thought you would get the seal kraken.

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