Smolensk & Colbert first Check [WIP] || World of Warships

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  1. android kiquepa

    Great more HE cancer. More harugumos. Game is not looking good with this. And this is good for dds? For balance?

    • android kiquepa

      +faroria and? You can play well and get deleted anyway.

    • +android kiquepa but you won’t if you Can detect the threats the Real pb of the harugumo is the fact that it has good concealment knowing it’s firepower, allowing it to destroy dd on the other hand Smolensk + colbert will need spoting to fire on dds and le’ts bé honest here: if a dd is fired by cruisers without having either a backup or a plan he’s a Bad dd

    • They’re more like high-risk high-reward ships compare to Harugumos and Worchestera IMHO
      Worse survivability than Harugumo (worse concealment, have a citadel, bigger target)
      More Dpm, but ineffective against BBs, worse than Worchesters. fire-prevention+good use of repairs will negate most of the fire damage
      Worse Yolo/Burst damage factor (i.e torps)
      No radar
      But the real cancer is

      *High tier CVs and their slingshot drops*

    • +faroria you right. Regards

    • +Qun Minh mmmm i agree.

  2. Tell me again why Mino has no HE but these guys can? And no, I don’t want Mino to have HE, it’s just these ships (kolbert and smalensk) are too OP in this configuration.

  3. too much range… the effect of the 4 guns was disappointing, wait a kind of Shilka and the Colbert is demoralizing

  4. Well, Ill welcome them with my Desmo and AP 🙂

    • Павел Коровкин

      if smolensk parked in smokes at 13-14km of you, i doubt you would have enough time to close the distance to 10km. with 950m/s shells his hit rate would be better than worchester’s.

  5. M a x i k i n g

    Bin immer noch auf mein RNG sauer 😀

  6. 2:02 SpaceX starlink confirmed.

  7. The AP is kinda useless at long range against BBs, and IFHE is mandatory. Lots of dakka to be sure, but anything bigger than a 203mm gun is going to overmatch the bow/stern armor and it will take whacking great hits from BBs from any angle at all. It will murder DDs with ruthless efficiency, no doubt at all there.

  8. Alexander Brace

    Guess the Minotaur is pointless now

  9. Quad 130mm guns wtf…

  10. Meme o taur 2.0?

  11. Christopher Nguyen

    Oh RNGesus, please give me the dispersion to find these citadels, I need it more than ever.

  12. Saw a Colbert ingame earlier today and its rate of fire is insane.

  13. Now we have a real machine gun boat.

  14. gatling gun vs vulcan ^^

  15. Either that thing gets citadeled or overpenetration

  16. Don’t even bother without ifhe. Full salvos for 800 dmg, waste of shells

  17. I wanna see how the ap work out 😀

  18. Major Disappointment

    Hey Panzerknacker love the videos where did you get the intro and exit music from this video if i may ask i love it. Thanks

  19. Dieses Schiff ist doch quasi eine Mino mit HE bzw Flint auf T10 als Russe? 😅 gibt es denn schon Infos für welche Währung die ganzen neuen Schiffe raus kommen?

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