Smolensk DMG Record EU || World of Warships

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    Balance factor komrade, provided by Mother Russia! Weapon to surpass capitalist piggies oink oink!

    Well, it should be a description of Stalingrad 😀

  2. balance comrades ??

  3. Thanks for featuring my replay!

  4. So basically an HE spamming Minotaur but with insane shell velocity, more range and more shells per minute… Who looked at that and thought thats what this game needs?

    • probably same guy responsible for CV balancing

    • Well if u think the game does not need her, then dont buy her. Also the shells are dd shells. Its a fun ship, but Mino has better heal and torps. Both has good stealth. Both are punching bags when spotted.

    • @Jozsef Toth The reason for my concern is not that I dont wanna play her but rather that most of us are gonna be on the receiving end of that 2:17. It is fun for exactly one player and thats the Smolensk. Just as much fun as it was for Midway to drop DDs for more than half their Health without loosing any planes.

    • Jozsef Toth fuck off, smolensk shill

    • At least this one has one less smoke and has less duration time.
      And very vulnerable to Large Cruiser. Also smolensk is floating citadel to 17+inches.

      Then we get 2x khabarovsk…..(or

  5. *American’s introduce Atlanta*
    British: Hold my tea
    *British Introduce Minotaur*
    Russians: Hold my vodka

  6. This is what things have come to: small more maneuverable ships with enough firepower to overwhelm larger slower shooting ships, some destroyers can do the same damn thing.

  7. A few days ago in my Montana I deleted a Smolensk with a first blood during the opening minutes of a match. I’ve never had a team thank me so much!

  8. Brocken Ship

  9. This ship is the new cancer in this game

  10. ссыкло. Нет чтобы на 6.00 бисмарка своим дымом прикрыть,

  11. Funny how he blew the horn after every kill, as if he did something very special lol.

  12. Those 300K+ results with this ship are quite common those days,

    i wonder if there is something wrong with this ship

  13. Pff Smolensk … i crushed him with my mighty german power BB “Bismarck ” …

  14. WG: We had to remove Mikhail Kutuzov from premium shop because it was too powerful.
    Also WG: So, we have this ship, Smolensk, which Is perfectly balanced and it is definitely not Kutuzov with heal…

  15. The new damage record is 400k dmg.

  16. Raul Alexandru Bota

    I’d give this ship 2s reload and higher HE alpha dmg maybe 1 more smoke and perhaps 4×5 torpedo tubes with 20 km range and 119 kts. And if a RU BB gets one day guns bigger than 460 don’t worry about it they already have guns that perform better than yamato’s.

  17. Imjusttoo Dissgusted

    I have never even seen this ship , it just hides behind things and fires a 1000 rounds a minute.

  18. damange record is 550k from what i’ve seen on youtube

  19. I was sitting on the fence between the Smolensk and the Yoshino. After this video, I’m getting the Smolensk.

  20. Any skills needed 4 that ship?…..

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