Smolensk Sucks – World of Warships Misery

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There are some baffling questions in the world. There are also baffling inventions. Up there no doubt is the inclusion of the Smolensk, which no doubt serves only to feed on the misery of players. Smolensk sucks. Hard.


  1. KTMcaspernemesis Wows

    I cant stop laughfin ????

  2. Don’t sugar coat it, tell us how you really feel! LOL

  3. The odd thing is that everyone who tested this ship before its release had the same comment. What IS WG thinking? It would be nice to be told.

  4. I’m not as upset about the DPM or anything that Smolensk has. I’m more upset by how idiot proof it is. It has literally no downsides, no weaknesses which can be exploited.

    Want to shoot it with AP? You’re going to overpen.

    Hit it with HE? You aren’t going to out DPM it.

    Want to torpedo it while it’s in smoke? Whoops, it has hydro.

    Small caliber? No matter, it has 6 inch gun levels of fire chance.

    Want to rush it? Did I mention it has great torpedoes too?

    It’s almost like WG saw how good they’d made the Worcester and said “no, that isn’t right. An American ship can’t be best at DPM. To the napkin sketches, Igor!”

  5. I like angry Zoup, angry Zoup is cool!!

  6. At this point in the game, I accepted that, as an Alsace player grinding, as soon as a HE spammer appears in the MM I’m going to die. It helps me concentrate on what can I do before dying, or how long can I hold death back.

    This is a lesson in zen.

    • u r safe from smolensk unless taking hits in the superstructure. your armor wont break to its guns as its caliber is too low. your real problems begin with 152mm IFHE or 203mm HE.
      the only possible worry are fires…try to run away from those ships

    • A T10 BB can snipe from afar, unfortunately Alsace cannot (20 km range, not great dispersion and low caliber). You have to get closer to do something meaningful, and therefore you fall into (IF)HE spam – once you’re commited there is no way out. And Alsace has massive superstructures.
      The best you can do is take as many HE spammers as you can, even if it involves suicidal yolo rush. At least this way you are useful and can go back to port quickly.

    • @mickael delatre
      try to go on a flank and get crossfire on the enemy. i still dont think u should suicide push alone…

    • @cobrazax You are right. Sometimes I should better do what this ship is meant instead of doing what the (absence of) team needs, aka some BB tanking … Well, I’ll learn 🙂

    • The Budgie Admiral

      As a fellow Kii player, I agree. Kii is actually more vulnerable to HE than Yoshino, both have a comparable armour scheme but Kii has less hit points.

      She really teaches you to be patient and to know when to brawl and when to disengage.

  7. Me: *Plays tier 10*
    WG: *Adds Smolensk, Colbert, Kremlin and Stalingrad*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 9.”
    WG: *Adds Musashi, Georgia, Kitakaze, Mogador and Soyuz*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 8.”
    WG: *Adds Akizuki, Kutuzov, Bayard, Vladivostok, Lenin, Asashio and Enterprise*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 7.”
    WG: *Adds Belfast, Lazo, Flint, Sinop, Nelson and Vauquelin*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 6.”
    Also me: “Wow, this tier is actually relatively well balanced. Let me see tier 5.”
    WG: *Adds GC, Kamikaze, Gremy, Okhotnik, Pyotr and Siroco*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 4.”
    WG: *Adds Hosho, Langley, Nikolai, Gangut, Iwaki, Arkansas, Clemson and Bourrasque*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 3.”
    WG: *Adds Derzki, Vampire, Valkyrie, Konig Albert, Suvorov, Friant, Charleston and St. Louis*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 2.”
    WG: *Adds V-25 and Medea*
    Me: “Okay, I’ll play tier 1.”
    WG: *Adds Black Swan and Orlan*
    Also WG: *Looks at tier 6 with malicious intent*

    • You missed Ryujo eating T6.

    • I dont hate the fact, that there are unbalanced ships (doesnt matter if over or underpowered). I just hate the fact, that WG does nothing against that, at least it feels like it

    • well Black Swan at tier 1 is no longer the beast she once was. She did get nerfed 3 times within 12 months so I think she’s about as boring and benign as her cohort tier class (ie. no AP, no ROF, no shell dmg). Orlan? Yeah, she’s still pretty good and probably the only T1 I still use if I need to blow off my pink status. XD

      As for tier 6, they tried to push the envelope with Prinz Eitel Friedrich but she was overreaction neutered and then there is West Virginia ’41… yeah nevermind. Warspite still holds up so either that means she’s really balanced or was +unbalanced and power creep has caught up to her. 😛

    • ​@William Taylor Payne I regret getting the Georgia simply because the Smolensk came out so soon afterwards. Here’s your new fast, relatively agile BB with huge guns and great secondaries. Oh, here’s a floating flamethrower you can’t citadel, can’t close to range with, and secondaries don’t matter because fuck you it has a long duration smoke screen and DD guns. And unlike a Haragumo it can hose you down from 18 km, and unlike a Wooster the russian rail guns can’t effectively be dodged. Have fun! Oh and it gets a heal too.

    • William Taylor Payne

      @The13thclam Yeah I actually used my coupon on the shop for my Georgia. I still love it when I actually hit something. But I love my Massachusetts as well so that would explain a lot. And yeah I will get Smolensk just because its so good.

  8. Enemy Smolensk & Colbert division, Singlehandedly killed our entire team.

  9. I haven’t agreed with you that much over the past year. Especially your peppy take on the cv rework (at first). I have to say you are spot on here. I have the Smolensk. I only play her in coop. I can’t see myself ruining anyone else’s fun with that garbage Russian ship.

    • There are so many noble people here, thats why i like to read youtube forums. If only i could meet so many noble souls in real life, i dont know where they are. Next time some big hearted guy will say he do not even use her against bots in co-op as he feels bad for them. But its not about making it easyer for the enemy. You, having the balls would paly her, have fun, enjoy the enemy whining in chat and spit on them.

    • Yup same here, coop only with that thing.

  10. They should remove smoke from Smol.

  11. Take an upvote just for the cars for kids mention. That song is the true sound of the voice of satan.

    • There was also a cars for the blind commercial. My thoughts were that kids and blind people were the last people you would want to have cars.

  12. I was an avid WoWS fan, I’ve invested thousands of hours and dollars into my account with over a dozen Tier 10 ships. I haven’t played a single battle in months I haven’t put a penny into this game in months. And it’s all because of the route WG has taken with all these new premium T10s, the bureau, incoming Subs, etc. Its gonna take alot for WG to win me back as a customer, especially after unleashing Colbert, and smolinsk. I already know the heart ache they will cause me.

  13. This is my favorite video you’ve ever done.

  14. Yesterday’s video:
    Get SMOLENSK for your coal!

    Today’s video:
    Smolensk ruins the fun for every one else…

    Using my Harugumo with LOL-pen is foolproof and stupid if you meme-build it as well…

    • @Lighthawk the Harugumo having more penetration and almost the same amounts of shells per minute (212 vs 200), no citadel, being more stealthy, one extra smoke. I know it requires a meme build but I rather meet a Smolensk than a good Harugumo player.

    • @The PirateMongoose you do know that Harugumo have 1/4th formula for penetration compared to the 1/6th for the 130 mm guns on the Smolensk right?

      I do however accept the lower HE damage and fire chance you mention. But the raw damage potential goes to Hauugumo with its 32 mm penetration vs 28 for the Smolensk (both with IFHE captains).

      And please can we not calling each other names and keep this discussion at a decent level.

    • @Alf Sköld harugumo cant hit you from 16km while dodging your shells, it doesnt have heal either.

    • @Alf Sköld Yeah, that said, all I know is I main BB’s and after having been up against Harugumo’s and Smolensk’s, I’d rather fight Harugumo’s.

  15. I don’t know why WG gave it smoke. It doesn’t really need it.

  16. Zoup: Smolensk sucks

    Me pointing at every other he machine gun: you serious right now

  17. Smolensk is Soviet ?️alans, comrade. If you disagree, OUR glorious comrade Stalin will send you to gulag.

  18. You’re not wrong. HE spammy ships are a big part of the reason I’m taking a hiatus from the game right now.

  19. I still remember the time when they gave only AP to British cruisers for “balance”. Then Worcester came, now Smolensk

  20. Considering every CC said the Smolensk was broken I cannot see how WG justify her beyond: is Russian Balance comrade

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