Smolensk Tier 10 Russian Premium Cruiser – World of Warships

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All hail Woostizov! The upcoming World of Warships tier 10 Russian premium cruiser Smolensk is a cross between a Worcester and a Kutuzov. You can even add a dash of Minotaur in there for good measure. Either way, this ship is strong. Maybe too strong. But it is a lot of fun.


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Instead of HE spam I would love to have actual cruisers or normal BBs IJN Maya anyone? Hyped for Siegfried but not sure how it will end Also, I really hope Italian navy comes after the French DDs I would love more standard cruisers but BBs, if done right, may be ok WG cmon We need more nations and more standard ships not just HE beasts or oversized CAs

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Takao and Atago are already ingame. (Maya was a Takao class cruiser)

    • I’m not 100% on this, but I think the devs mentioned the Italian cruiser line after the French dd line.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe But it was different, same deal as Kidd and Fletcher It has better AA at the cost of one 203mm turret Ot could make an awesome tier 8 free xp ship if they balance her correctly

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      +Nanchisan Nanchisan Don’t dream about T8 free xp ship.
      Every single free xp ship is all in T9, the only exeption is the Nelson in T7.
      Same with coal and steel ships, but there is T10 too. But every premium T8 ship is only for doubloon or real money.

  2. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    This ship existed or just another plan ship?

  3. It gets nerfed randomly by a particle beam fired by the Black Lectroids from Planet 10…

  4. Looking forward to the Italian line getting more ships, and the Pan European lines.

  5. High tier is almost too obnoxious to play. Everything after tier 7 seems progressively worse.

  6. Dakka dakka dakka

  7. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Smolensk is not a baby of MK and Woostah. She’s a Flint on a Russian roid rage.

  8. •_Lumia Art_•

    Zoup with crap like the tier 10 japanese DD still steaming around with no cit to hit. I think this ship will be ok. Till the other fire starter is nerfed

  9. Looking forward to seeing how you get it

  10. @nozuop4you So what is the the status of the previous HE spamming, smoke generator equipped premium light cruisers, Belfast and Kutuzav? Both were removed from the shop and no longer available for purchase, being deemed “unbalanced”. Notice I did not use the term overpowered. A bad player is still a bad player, even in an unbalanced ship. Bad players make mistakes that have nothing to do with the ship they are captaining in battle. The unbalanced nature of some ships will mean a bad player can have a better than average game 1 out of 10-15 battles. Hardly the server crushing ? one would be led to believe. It is when a skilled player is at the helm of one of these “unbalanced” ships do the nightmare inducing combat encounters happen. The time and action between smoke generator activations is where the critical difference between average or worse players and truly skilled players becomes very apparent. A skilled player remains thus, regardless of the ship helmed. The average or lower player’s game result and/or overall statistics vary wildly depending of ship type, tier, “unbalancedness” of their favorite ship (50% or more of overall games played in that ship). So if WG indeed makes this ship very difficult or nearly impossible to obtain, which results in only the very best players getting “him”, oh well. Those players who can get this ship in their port are the very same ones that are the top of the team list in 9 out of 10 games they play, regardless of ship choice or tier. These type of ships should be earned not just “wallet warriored”. Just my thoughts. RLTW/DOL

  11. Tier 10 is really in need of another super he spammer

  12. Robert Wainwright

    Sounds fun for a firebug like me. Agree with you it’s gonna get nerfed some way. Finally just take my money have fallen in love with the Russian BB and Crusiers.

  13. adjustments to make-just like you said,I agree hope its not steel(not in clan and don’t want to)should release it in premium shop-I hope

  14. RacerBoy StevieX

    Flintgrad. Thank you some guy in Flamu’s stream chat for coming up with that one

  15. Man WG is no longer hiding they want everyone at tier 9 and 10. Its blatantly obvious.

    • And they want more of your money! Gone are the great tier VIII & IX matches that dominated gameplay with a balanced amount of premium ships during a match.

  16. This ship looks seriously OP and I agree, I can’t see this ship being released as is.

  17. Smoke removed from Exeter and HE removed from RN CLs. Na it wont be nerfed. Hope it’s not steel though. lol

  18. I am afraid I don’t like what any of the high fire rate small caliber ships do to the game. Not fun.

  19. Another blatant cash grab by WG. Do a full CV rework, get more people playing CVs, then after scaring all the naysayers into the ‘power’ of the CV, flooding the premium shop with OP ships who’s ONLY function is AA defense. A classic situation of creating a problem and selling the solution.

  20. She’s a beast for sure. Definitely a candidate for the nerf bat

    Karandar, NA

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