Snowstorm Showdown – World of Warships

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Interesting fight for the Epicenter Snowstorm on Islands of Ice in my Daring . Hope you have a wonderful I’ll catch you next !

Tier X British Destroyers Daring Replay – Warships Invite – Discord Server


  1. First

  2. AlphaNapalmBravo22

    I wish they would add stormy seas

  3. 5:0 just pulling a casual notser

  4. Once again ive no time to play the game 🙁

  5. Smoke on demand , 360• turret traverse, heals and hydro . Increase AP angel penetration , 6 km detection favorite choice DD. Only lack of AA drawbacks .

  6. TheWuerstchenwasser

    I just love my Harugumo because people almost always panic, try to escape or kill me quickly but usually fail and get into horrible situations.
    Especially paired with Yamamoto Isoroku and the right module and skill setup. Get the first kill, take enough damage, secure a Kraken and the reload goes down to ~1 second.
    I managed to get down to that reload once since I unlocked it like 5 months ago.
    Such a great ship.

  7. Where on earth did you get the DDs are rare from? I have at minimum 2-3 DDs very game and often 4. CVs in the other hand I can never find enough of. I play mostly Fletcher cos it’s awesome and I have her apexes for aa with defensive fire and I see so few CVs I am almost tempted to run speed boost.

    • I almost do not see games with CVs. DDs on the other hand are plentiful and some time way to many. I had a match now with 7 DDs on each side…… Yeah….. Leave keyboard, let them have a 10 min torp feast party, then come back and engage. Torp soup had a new meaning after that match.

  8. No adrenaline rush? Especially with heal combo?

  9. It’s having 2cvs on the enemy team that makes dds too difficult for me to play.

    • It depends on the DD.  If I am in a DD with Defensive AA, I chase aircraft and try to engage on my strong AA aide with defensive fire.  Sometimes I die.  Sometimes I live to the end of the game but I usually end up with 10 -20 aircraft kills.  Revenge is sweet 🙂

    • +Paul Clark I should clarify…I don’t play my z52 any longer. My kids I love

  10. What is the upgrade in slot 2. I don’t see that available on my Daring.

  11. who thought that they could make the epi-centre gamemode any worse … they added a bloody snow storm

  12. God the weather effects in this game are pretty

  13. Last two times playing this map and mode in the Kidd, 10/12 teammates refused to go anywhere near any of the rings, only had a DM sit in the farthest ring. Fun times lol.

  14. What is the effect of the snowstorm please?

  15. Daring is too goddamn strong !!

  16. 7:20 Whenever you have a ship rounding an island at near head-on aspect, USE SINGLE LAUNCH TORPS. This really should be part of your torpedo repertoire when driving British DDs & CAs. Look at it this way Notser, if the positions were reversed, would you have been very concerned about a standard spread of torps as you drive straight into a DD, or are you somewhat confident that you’ll just drive between them? Well, the Edinburgh didn’t feel very threatened either. Single launch for ships rounding islands on you, especially if they’re fast, small, maneuverable. Thumbs for the exciting game!

  17. I don’t like arena style games which is probably why I dislike epicenter so intensely. Good vid though

  18. What is the legandary modual for the daring

  19. Nice close game, lol.

  20. 1/3 of each team are DDs….“DDs are rare at this stage of the game“

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