So Close! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. almost Spartan, So Close, Yet so Far.

  2. I’m definitely gon’ cop me some of that Spartan merch!!
    And the Alabama (“Lucky A”) is actually wider in real life.
    She’s 33 meters wide and the Iowa (“The Big Stick”) is 32.92 meters wide lol.
    But the Alabama looks wider because of the way she’s built and because she’s much shorter.
    The South Dakota class Battleships are 60 meters shorter than the Iowa Class i believe, so they really look wider but they are nearly the same width across all ships of both classes.

    I find it pretty funny how popular the Iowa class is compared to the other two United States Navy “Fast Battleships”. The South Dakota and the North Carolina classes.
    It’s probably because the Iowa is better equipped.
    Both the South Dakota and North Carolina classes have 406mm but are .45 Caliber.
    While the Iowa has 406mm .50 caliber.
    She’s also faster with her 33 knots and the other two are 27 and 28 knots.
    They really do get less credit that the Iowa does.

    • The Alabama is a very glorious ship, she is anchored in Mobile Alabama at the battleship museum and I highly recommend anyone that has a chance to go see her do so and plan to get there in the morning because it’s going to take a few hours to see her and the rest the museum has there. Fun fact her crew consumed over 100 gallons of soda and icecream per day.

    • @Velshyrym I would love to visit USS Alabama one day but i live in the Netherlands so it’s a little far away for me.?
      But i’m joining the royal Dutch Navy next year so i’ll probably visit some of the old girls while i sail around the world.
      A good friend of mine is also in the Navy and he’s been to USS Wisconsin and USS New Jersey so i probably will be stepping on at least one of them within the next few years.

  3. Ships just line up broadside to you hey! 🙂 Will you be making a special update on the January 2020 specials – 20% off several tier VI Premium ships – so we can figure out the better investment?

  4. That hurt to watch, to see you that close to 200,000 damage

  5. Even though I prefer to play DDs and CL/CAs, Real life BBs have always fascinated me by their sheer brute strength!!!! I’d wear a Battleship T-Shirt with your logo!!!

  6. Played with you a couple times today spartan you killed me in my gneisenau!!!

  7. It’s weird seeing you get citadels lol

  8. Had a 174k Akat loss yesterday… damnit!!! ??‍♂️
    Ps – I think you mean the Alabama is “thicker”. ?

  9. I’ve noticed there tends to be a lot hang time when you shoot farther away than 15-16km, just a helpful tip. Good game

  10. I got my 200k game in a Fuso of all ships. It was like magic. Every time i shot i got 2 citadels. Never had a game like it and prob wont have another in a long long time

  11. *Dont mind me being jealous since Wargaming loves you*

  12. Why do people run in the Iowa? I chased one across the map yesterday. I don’t understand running away in battleships lol.

  13. Aku: Extra Thicc!!!

  14. Wow. I was the lightning in your Alabama game.
    I remember that game because I did very well. And not because you were there. My friends told me this morning that I was in your video.
    Hey hey!

  15. I really need this ship ? i have 224k global XP saved right now.

  16. GG. I did 208K damage yesterday with Iowa. It was the first time i broke the 200K.

  17. 11.8K, damn. So close indeed, sir. Lol keep at it my man.

  18. Let’s spread the word about this channel. He deserves it. As everyone knows he puts in a ton of work and does it all by himself

    • Appreciate it man!

    • @Spartan Elite43 hey man. Love your channel. I have a tip for you… You can use the observe camera (LB) to look around without your turrets following the camera. Noticed you look around a lot in firing mode. Hold LB and your turrets will stay fixed whilst you look around. ??

    • @Steve Ellis I have one for you as well if you change controller layout I believe I am on layout 2 you can use left thumbstick button to lock turrets and look around freely gives a much better angle to the camera than the stock LB view.

      I just forget to do it a lot because I am a potato and old habits are hard to break.

      Anyway hope this helps if you didn’t know about that

  19. I finally got the Alabama today and really like it. I feel a bit more safe with the torpedo protection

  20. Dude, I feel like the American ships are favored in this game. Orrrrrr I just have bad aim. Thanks for the videos buddy

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