So fun to play – World of Warships

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Another tier 6 NOT premium DD that is absolutely powerful and FUN to play, the Fushun.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Kiều Đức Anh

    WG: has some actually decent ships
    Flambass: wait that’s illegal

  2. Love the Kirov-guy…. “well im taking tons of dmg…i should probably do sth….naaa im just continue going in a straight line and just watch myself die”

    • This is standard Omaha play I always see.. straight line toward a cap, full broadside to all the Warspites and Bayerns. I never understood it.

    • They are zoomed in with an enemy ship in their cross hairs, lost all situational awareness. You get into the habit playing co-op. Took me more than a few random matches to break the habbit.

    • @Atreea kirov is not for free, just for a certain amount of missions – watch news section ingame

    • @Jan Mitiska what? The point im trying to make is kirov players must have some experience since the way to get it now is by doing missions, or getting enough coal or getting kirov pre split which means they have months to improve from then

    • @Atreea missions are dumb enuogh and coal for it you can get pretty easily for free even when playing coop (or badly random), just from containers.

      There are players that have thousands of battles and still have no clue about some game mechanics, so argumenting that “he has a Kirov, he should know” is a pretty bad one 😀

  3. Flamba: I don’t have a pipi. But I like pipi. (…) It was this big! I got stuffed!
    XD XD

  4. “She was batshit crazy last night”
    wait please elaborate.

  5. Microwaving steak is a criminal act.
    Pop that bad boy in the oven son!

  6. I thought I was gonna get some salt clicking into Flam’s vid with such title 😂

  7. 7:18
    I remember when Flambas crashed into this one and shouted: Who the fuck put an island here!
    And here he goes again saying: I didn’t even knew there was an island here! xD

  8. Lewisracing1018

    Slava challenge in a Fushun, nice

  9. And I thought MY two 200+ games with JB today were good… 🙂

  10. And another day of watching WOWS vids, can’t play, gotta hash!

  11. Tz, why u always have to shoot me bro? 😉 Greetz from germany (Vipertech2000)

  12. Because of how badly WG had been treating the playerbase and the game the moment I saw the title I already assume it was sarcasm but glad to see decent tech tree ship in action.

  13. The Fushun is what the new z-23 wishes it was.

    • Shawn Christensen

      All of the German Destroyer lines are crap these days. Even just the standard line has gotten powercrept to all hell. They really need to get more oomph, and the new destroyers don’t do that.

    • Yeah, I got enough tokens for the z23 and the sucker is just painful to play. The vaunted AP is just terrible.

  14. 3:39 If anything … and I repeat… ANYTHING, comes out the way it went in… You better get that checked by medical professionals ASAP!

  15. Great Game man!

  16. The only times I tell the whole world funny stories about my wife’s funny alcoholism is when I’m blind drunk.

  17. MickeySoft at it’s best…LOL!

  18. Been glad to see you having more fun in these new videos playing wows this week. Keep it up Flambass!! Always love the videos

  19. Amazed that you can still play after that computer comment

  20. Trilomar Creates

    Oooh. May 13th for Subnautica. That will be some great content!

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