So is it possible to play World of Warships 100% Free to play in 2023?

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Recently I started another account in WoWS where I was going to spend absolutely NO MONEY, it was going to be totally F2P, and I was not going to use any functions which would give me advantage over someone totally new whos just starting. And this is my experience thus far.

It will hopefully bring some light on the current state of the game and how you could or should play the game.

This is obvisouly MY experience and other ppl exp may differ, but you are free and more than welcome to share yours in the comments below.

To answer the question WHY did I start a new F2P acc, the answer is simple, I was bored to death because I have EVERYTHING on my old acc and there was no incentive to play any particular ship after a while for me. This way I keep myself entertained by trying to manage my recourses and grind at a steady and successful pace.

Enjoy and have fun watching or listening and ty for your support 😉

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  1. Nice, betting your experience is slightly better than someone new to the game but good to see your progress and how it can be done free to play.

  2. I’m wargamings worst nightmare…..I’ve been playing for 8 years and never spent a cent. And the person you describe is exactly how I’ve done it, much of the time with a standard account not a premium.

  3. I’ve stopped playing this game half a year ago after a huge error of the customer service. They made a mistake, admitted they made a mistake, offered something pitiful to remedy the situation. I got cross and decided it is the last straw with this game and that I need to quit after spending quite a lot of cash over the years on this time and money sink. At first I wasn’t too happy about “loosing” my fleet and my gaming outlet and what I though was my “stress release”. Then I was surprised how much more relaxed and happier I am and how much more time I have to pursue other things. Quitting this BS and all the toxicity of random matches is a great plus for your psyche. Now I only watch vids from MightyJingles, Flambass and Flamu, sometimes seeing all the BS that made playing this game so toxic, but now laughing about it because it is not me in the game. Not sure why this F2P effort triggered me to write this. Maybe something in me went “Maybe let’s try F2P and not get too invested in this BS this time.”. It seems like it might be a slippery slope… Nah… must stay strong and not get dragged back into this circus. 😀

    • I have poetry much the same experience. I stopped playing after submarine introduction but I think what really got me over the top was one clan battle where I was in Stallings parked 2 km next to Petropavlovsk. The enemy cardiorespiratory, I think United States, just kept on amazing me for 30k of so every time, never mind both of our defensive AA active. I did not have fun and realised it is not going to be better, so I quit. Just like you I only watch videos on YouTube now. I still have account with two hundred ships or so, and I would not mind paying again and spending money again if I knew I will have fun, but at this moment it looks like I will not, so I won’t.
      Also, at this time I really do not want to give any money to the Russians. I understand the war is not their decision but still a bit of it would flow to Putin.

  4. As far as I remember, it took me a little less than 200 games as a total beginner to get to tier X. And that was the JP cruiser line for whatever reason.
    My win-rate was abysmal and I had (have?) no idea what was happening, but I distinctly remember the annoyance of CVs when I was going up the DD line.
    I stopped playing after exactly 1000 games when they introduced subs. As an end result I got all JP ships with the exception of CVs.
    None of my commanders got to 21 points and I spent maybe $30 in total for some premium time and camos over all.
    I still enjoy watching WoWS videos and hope the game gets better one day so I can get back.

    • I joined the game about 5 years ago and it took me over 400 games to get my first TX ship (GK) on a fully F2P account. With time the amount of games necessary for the first TX has dramatically been reduced.

    • There is ranked and brawls right now with no subs or cvs

  5. This was very informative. I play wows for 8 years and I spent money only on 3 premium ships: Sims, Atago and Cossack, I bought them on Black friday when there was a discount. One thing Flambas didn’t explain was the Captain skills. How he managed captains through tech tree from one ship to another. Back in the old days you could train captain from one ship to another with spending credits or gold, but now is open only with captain xp and gold and geting captain xp is harder than credits. You can progress thorugh tech tree ship from tier 1 to tier 8 easly. But the progress in captain skills is very slow. So a lot of people have high tier ships with captains like 7 or 10 points.

    • Not really, when you start new acc you don’t have any captains. So moving them from 1 ship to another takes very little elite commander exp (which you can get from containers, battle pass, campaigns, personal missions etc). I was surprised myself just how little commander exp I needed and still have in reserve. The problem you talk about is when your captains start hitting high number of skill points. Then moving them is expensive, especially if you’ll be doing it all the time, but on F2P you wouldn’t do that, you would just get multiple captains and stick them to their ships, cheers.

    • @Flambass Thanks, that explains almost all. But how did you get 16 points captain on Jutland. Did you max him from 1 point to 16 with elite commander xp or did you use some other method?

    • By playing the game and using boosters the game provides for free@Jurij Soklič

  6. Thank you for the video!

    I’m a closed beta player in Wows, but not really active due to work/life, and of course a free to play user. So I thank you for the video that confirms my choice of being F2P is not a futile grind.

    Personallly I’m on Tier 9 US BB and German Cruisers, close to reach Tier 10 on both, while grinding UK DDs and US CVs, bot at Tier 6.

    While I do not have the same experience as you, ’cause you play it much more often than me, the grind is manageable(~500 battles and 51% winrate). Also the F2P allows to better understand the ships, while at the same time watching you, Flamu, and other CCs to get insights.

    Hopefully you’ll continue uploading F2P account games, as these are fun!

  7. I‘ve played all the way until my first tier 10 F2P, which was the Preussen. That was about the time it replaced GK. I needed about 120 Games in my Freddie to get there and I think that was good. I am still a firm believer, that Tiers need to be locked until a player has a certain amount of battles.
    It‘s sad that Wargaming doesn‘t not care about this issue, but actively make it worse, like you said with the ARP Yamato.

  8. It also makes a difference how long a person can play. For instance, you get 7 days premium free. However you have a job and family so you get to play maybe 3-4 games a day at most (and that’s being generous – truthfully you can maybe only play it at weekends and that is still only 3-4 games a day at the weekend). You get 21 – 28 games with bonus xp. A person’s time is the most limiting factor in all this. So a normal player like this will take considerably longer in battles and time. Rather than someone who can spend longer per day during which premium time is available.

  9. You are a more patient player than me, first 2 years I went the free to play route getting to tier 6-7 on multiple lines. They finally broke me (literally) and I purchased as little as possible to get the ships I wanted to play. I didn’t sell any ships (I probably should) but I learned my ships. The Fuso and Kuma are still a favorite of mine.

  10. Great video. I have always been ftp. I don’t sell ships so have many now. Often play without flags and with low point capt. 1st T10 was Mino and now I have an Alaska, a Bourgogne and a Petro with unique upgrade. My win rate has never been great (light CA main) but I really think you do learn more grinding this way.

  11. Thanks to you for a genuinely interesting series of vids. I’m an average joe 50% WR F2P player and the game CONSTANTLY pushes you up the tiers well before you should go there. But, unlike Flambass, I get their business model and it doesn’t bother me. I ain’t paying, so I can’t complain.

  12. I think the only caveat to getting this kinda progress at the speed you are getting it is to be an experienced player. I think if a completely new player tried this they’d probably only have half the stuff you have now and has probably run into a skill ceiling on top of it,

  13. Great experiment, thanks for the video. Valid points on the fresh T10 players. It’s true that you can research ships pretty quickly. But how many more battles do you have to play to BUY those unlocked ships. To me as a F2P player credits were a problem.

    • This is 100% the primary problem for f2p. Even as a partial f2p player the credit grind is brutal. The tech tree grind goes super quick but farming credits for t8/9/10 ships without selling everything you own takes forever. He shows in his tech tree he has sold every previous ship to purchase the next one which sucks to have to do. The game shouldn’t be (and isn’t) just a race to t10. All kinds of events and scenarios give you bonuses or unique experiences for other tiers of ships and it sucks if you have to repurchase them just to play. Also t10 ships don’t cost 6m credits they cost closer to 12-15m with modules and upgrades. If you don’t own those then you still don’t have a proper t10.

  14. On the other hand, the grind during closed and open beta was real and I’m not sure that extreme was a whole lot better.

    Now, I haven’t played in _ages_ so I can’t really judge how much things have changed nowadays (aside from watching you).
    I guess, what I’d like and what _might_ bring me back would be a happy medium between those two extremes…well, and WG not being WG, lol.

    P.s. I stopped playing when WG released that first dockyard ship…um…A-something, the one WG pretended could be earned with a free account but actually couldn’t.

  15. Don’t forget the fact that you are playing wows almost every day! I was also making progress when I had the time to play 6-10 battles every single day. Later I only played on the weekends. Time passed, I was down 6-10 battles a month. I had to catch up the game every time, up to the point it was not worth the effort. I have not played it in the past 2-3 years, but I still enjoy watching you, Trenlass, and the others playing or listening to Jingles’ commentaries.

    • That’s an excellent point. Playing a lot is clearly going to make a difference simply through familiarity and practice. I now don’t have time to play much and have found that I really don’t enjoy randoms any more as I was never good to start with and I am getting worse due to not playing much. I now mainly play operations and am enjoying this, though I wish there were more. I think I will get bored with this though and am planning on stopping playing in a few months time once I have upgraded my PC to allow me to play other games.

    • @Lee Sargent It’s not really the practice… it’s more about fulfilling missions within their time limits. Because free rewards don’t happen until you complete missions and you can’t complete missions unless you play a lot of battles, a day, because they expire, pretty quickly.

    • @Rene Garcia I hardly ever get to the end of any of the missions and am now not even getting up to the steel rewards on the battle pass so you are absolutely correct. I had not really thought about this. I have noticed that some of my signals are becoming a little sparse. This makes a big difference in the long run.

  16. Thanks Flambass – I think that was a great video, agree almost 100% with everything you said, and good to see other people’s experiences.
    I’ve been ftp for at least 4 years, initially I bought Warspite when I downloaded the game, and 300% gold bonus got me enough for Massa (my most played ship by far). I think four times I bought tiny amounts of gold, so my outlay has been under 30 Euros, I think.
    I used to play something like 15 hours a week, but now it’s about a tenth of that – frequently I play 2 or 3 games and just get frustrated with the experience (I guess like your video yesterday!).
    For an average player like me, it takes a lot longer to grind through the tiers (and am probably spending credit on modules, I don’t need), but it’s not bad, and I totally get your point about people being able to get tier 10s too easily.
    The captains, I do find slow to progress though, my best 3, I think: 21 point on my Massa, 20 point on Halland, and I think 17 on a Russian ship (mostly Sinop).
    I look forward to another update on your progress later on. Cheers.

  17. i´ve followed you for years now but this is one of your best projects ever. I love the knowledge that new players can get out of your F2P experience and i just find it very interesting to follow you doing that. AND it´s just all around well done by you! Thx for the great content man.

  18. The ease of progressing in the game is totally different now. My original account it was a grind, but even a couple years ago when I made an EU account to play with a friend it was much faster even without my experience. Your test in this shows my same experience.

  19. I played this game off and on F2P for 5 years (it been a while now, i got frustrated with submarines) and what you demonstrated to me with this playthrouh is wat a difference skill and knowledge brings to this game.

  20. Always love your videos posted on YouTube. Very rarely do I make a livestream, but that’s great too!

    I play this on PS4, and I’ve gotta admit I enjoy my Tier 5 Pensacola! It was my first experience where someone shot at me, and I was able to bounce their shells. Agreed that the guns are slow, but I try not to get into close range encounters. Your play style is too aggressive for this ship, where I like to play a more support role.

    Love ya man keep doing what you do!

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