So Many Iowas So Many Paddlins! (World of Warships Lgends Xbox One X)

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  1. Love your videos Spartan!

  2. you have a southern accent. where you from?? and can you play Battleship texas please lol

  3. because i'm batman 5702

    I was finally able to get my 150k in 1 game in this thing. I was able to post up with a very tall and large island on my starboard and I was near the right side of the map. I then had 2 Iowas and a Baltimore cross from port to starboard and back again while I just bow-tanked them. They couldn’t damage me effectively so they shot my teammates and predominately left me alone.

  4. Spartan uploads, I like and comment. 👍

  5. I love the Iowa with sims. I can fire at 18.6 km and usually take off 1/3- half of an enemy battleships health. Also i love the 180 hp per ship tier! Also the Iowa has -11% dispersion sims gives 5 right now until i fully upgrade him. Also i have a bunch of buffs that make my shells accurate. Precision i believe its called

  6. 82nd Steel Talons

    I found this out the hard way with the torpedos, there has always been a minimum arming distance and used to be a lot further like 1.5km to 2km away on most destroyers but they have now lowered it to 600m on virtually ALL destroyers its pathetic because there is no torpedo able to be armed that short a distance unless wired guided, so i feel your pain sparten but that first iowa got torped and you forgot about your guns makes me think of Caboose from red vs blue 😂

  7. Great game I’ve just downloaded world of warships and started playing so thanks for the tips so far 👍👍

  8. IS very easy with the break IOWA, put the vanguard 😉😂

  9. Think teams sold be allies only not a mix

  10. Love your content man! How do you end up wracking up such high damage? Is it because the Iowa is high tier? I’m using the Kongo at the moment and barely break damage over 60k. My shots are fairly accurate and I use armor piercing when they are broadside. I still only get 1000 damage. Is there something I’m missing?

  11. If you wanna hit citadels from a long range you dont need to aim for the waterline cause you wanna hit their deck not their romp. So if youre at Lets say 10km or more start aiming a tiny bit higher and see if it does you good.

  12. Most of us know that Spartan has a degree in smartassery (my word)… I know the difference between a graduate and a pretender and Spartan knows his stuff 🙂 lol!

  13. 75 MORE TILL 7K LETS DO IT 😎😎😎

  14. You should have used your front turrets on the 2 battleships and your rear turret on the atlanta sooner

  15. That Atlanta – I’ve never seen a rate of fire like that.

  16. Every time I see footage of an Atlanta going full Rambo I think of the term “Bridge of Fire”, lol… Somewhat related, after watching these videos I’ve been getting markedly better at getting good personal results in matches, so thank you for sharing. Case in point, grinding up Tier V atm and darn near got the 150k dmg milestone with the New Mexico

  17. What preset do you play on and I love your videos they have helped me a lot through the WoW journey to tier 7 I’m at tier 6 at highest because of you.

  18. hi, what’s the yellow/black flag you’re flying?

  19. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    Why are the Iowas so slow? 24 knots, did they take out half the engines?

  20. I myself am about to purchase the Iowa

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