So this is the MEGAZAO huh? World of Warships

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  1. playing against Conqueror: showings your broadside= All citadel and front angle= 2 fires and 10k dmg -_-‘

    • yeah its to easy, afaik the 2nd nerf for conqueror is comming soon, something with its citadel getting raised up

  2. uKaf*まっちゃ

    Nice intro d(‘∀’*)

  3. Well played, but so many instances where AP would’ve been better.

    • Fintan Cook conqueror is a special breed bb where her HE shells have tremendous pen and fire chance. On top of insane stealth where she can ambush unexpected cruisers and dd.

    • Dandy King i know, you can do loads of damage with the HE, but you cant score citadel pens which do massive unhealable damage i.e. 20k plus damage salvos with one citadel and a few pens, the fires rack up damage on the scoreboard, but most of the fire damage can be replenished

  4. These BB players love burning…often seen them burn for 40-50 seconds…

    • Patrick Guinnane that’s because repair and healing with proper flags. It’s pointless to use your repair while you’re burning. Wait for the burning to stop and then hit heal. Only use repair when you got more than one flame. Since dd players know they can torp you and cause flooding and tell you used repair.

  5. Максим Ким

    Noob game, only luck

    • all replays by Panzer are so. And?
      а ты ж русский! Короче у панзера все реплеи такие почти. ясен хрен бой на 250-300к дамажки – это в первую очередь удача.

  6. Helluva a game but this guy needs drivers ed. How many times did he ram a friendly? And he definitely needs some help with torpedo beats. Still Witherer in 8-1/2 minutes is pretty good…

  7. Which parts of aslins is this player using ? They are kool

  8. Conqueror=Foolproof warship

  9. Blind luck and bloody awful awareness of other friendly ship positions.

  10. Ah, the classic “He’s got a fire on him so I’ll set someone else on fire”

  11. Flecki IstZurück

    Würde mich freuen nicht immer nur T10 HighDmg Battles zu sehen…denke das es viele Matches gibt (T7-9) die schöner anzusehen sind. Zudem mag ich den Conquerer einfach nicht…damit kann einfach jeder der halbwegs das Spiel versteht, “Unmengen” an DMG machen – ohne dafür auf Fehler der Gegner, oder sonst was achten zu müssen.
    HE rein…3xW, 2xQ oder 2xE und dann alle paar Sekunden mit Linksklick auf egal was schießen – der Dmg kommt schon. (so erstmal wieder drüber aufgeregt).

    Kommentiert fände ich solche Replays besser.

  12. long story short…no skill easy mode

  13. If you get more than 2 reports after playing Conqueror, you know you’re doing something right.

  14. When you see haters posting salty nonsense BS comments after watching your epic Conqueror round with greedy face: PRICELESS.
    For everything else there is your HE and 12 guns : D

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Tamás Német 12 guns which have ruined the game in every possible way.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      I’d like to inform you, that your ships AP ammunition is the 3rd most powerful. It has about the same penetration at range as the Yamatos 460mm guns.

  15. Ok stop showing Conqueror replays because there is no skill needed to play that ship. You will do ton of damage anyways, reprint your ships 3 or 4 times, you cant have citadel damage and you have your own personal cliakinb device.

    Nope i have no admiration for those playing the Lion and Conqueror

    I also like hiw he shot all his gunz at 10:20 while thd back turrets wervnt even on target

  16. Confused Blue Dragon

    To be fair, the only Conqueror games I’d enjoy watching is when the player goes on a 457mm AP-only conquest; only eight guns, and overpens for days…!

  17. This, is the biggest noob ship in the entire game.

  18. A player named Cowfee! Does he division with a player called Gween Tee?

  19. Disgusting

  20. HE-spam BBs: a Carriers best friend.

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