So You Want to Make World of Warships Videos?

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So you want to make World of Warships videos? Either for fun, or to try and start your own channel. If you are lost, this is the basics of what you will need to get off the ground.


  1. another easy way to record your gameplay if you don’t have a Shadowplay compatible graphics card is the Microsoft game bar built into Windows 10 works exactly like shadowplay and its part of windows 10 that’s what I used before I got my RTX 2070 🙂

  2. Main tip, don’t spend any money until you know you have content. People can be entertained with a gaming microphone, OBS capture, and Windows Video Editor (MAC iMovie); you can even just enable Mixer stream on an XBox and keep recordings. Equally you can shove 10000. Dollars on fancy kit with dedicated fibre line and not keep a viewer longer than 30s if you have no content. Engage your audience, then get the kit.

    • Hamzah M NightFlash

      I use skull candy earphones ? & I use lightworks an video & audio editing software & Photoscrape x this photo editor is good for making my custom thumbnails ?& u get it on Microsoft store

  3. Thx for this guide. Ive always wanted to post replays but I was not sure how and what to expect.

    • Hamzah M NightFlash

      I can help you if want to,? just let me know. Ok

    • @Hamzah M NightFlash thank you, but i cant afford any editing software, free to use one have very few features

    • Hamzah M NightFlash

      @TheVintageDevil don’t worry, the software I have Has All the features I can give u the link, all u need is make an account & password & this works on Windows, Mac, many other platforms✌?

  4. SurpriseBlue Viana

    Davinci is free!…

    • @SurpriseBlue Viana Resolve’s one downside is that their H264 encoder is awful. I would say that encoding with Resolve is going to be a worse deal than with Premiere, because you probably want to encode it with some other encoder (not Resolve’s H264) and then encode it again with something like ffmpeg or handbrake.

    • SurpriseBlue Viana

      @Aerroon i use Handbrake

    • @SurpriseBlue Viana I would recommend getting ffmpeg and then writing a .bat file that does that conversion. That way you can just drag and drop the video file onto it and it’ll do the rest. Or even better if you have some program to watch a folder and call it.

    • SurpriseBlue Viana . Alas, I never got Davinci to work. Once it showed a message box for some kind of choice between a tutorial (?) and … that disappeared almost immediately and I never got anything to display ever again. The program was running in Task Manager, wasn’t locked but wasn’t displaying anything either. Tried reboots, stop and restart task. Nada. Uninstalled next day. Maybe not enough RAM, as I’ve only 8gb, but a poor way to respond if that was the case.

    • SurpriseBlue Viana

      @Andrew Small I use premiere about 8 years…switch to Davinci….and HOWWWW…never mind me!

  5. Great guide! I would also like to mention OBS that is a free recording software that doesnt effect your processor that much. @NoZoup what benefits do you fint recording your commentarys in Audacity instead of recording them right into Adobe Premiere Pro as you mentioned you used? Cant you do the same sound quality adjustments in Premiere?

    • I think Audacity has better noise reduction (or it’s easier to use?). You could, of course, just record it in Premiere, export it, edit it in Audacity and then replace footage in Premiere.

    • @Aerroon I havent used the Audio tab in Premiere so much but I just thought it should have the same abilities since Premiere is for pro editing. Im trying to learn more about the program but have also heard many use Audacity for some reason.

    • @OldSchool Gaming Audacity noise reduction is just really easy to use: you select a section of the audio where it’s just noise, select it as background noise. Then select the entire clip and it filters that noise out. Premiere’s is a bit… more complex in my opinion.

  6. Thx just have to get the wife to agree to do the movie now ??

  7. You can use OBS to record locally for free as well.

  8. Steven Wiederholt

    “Google & You Tube are your best friend” Unless you violate their community guidelines, or they just decide they don’t like what you say. Then may may tell you…or they may not.

  9. Cursed Owls Gaming

    Davinci resolve has a free options for video editing.

  10. AMD Radeon software allows good recording quality similar to Nvidia Shadowplay.

  11. At timestamp 1:11
    Kdenlive is an editing software that is free, open source, and has a large community support.

  12. Hamzah M NightFlash

    Try Downloading lightworks it’s a Free editing software man, I use this on all my videos, it’s really solid, there is the free full version & the premiere version. & also download Photoscrape x this photo editor is good u can get it on Microsoft store both free or premium versions, use this to make custom thumbnails. ?

  13. I don’t, I prefer watching others to improve my game.

  14. I would recommend using OBS to record footage (audio and video). Do the audio editing in Audacity and the video editing in Davinci Resolve (it’s very very good). All 3 of these are free. Also, you don’t NEED a good microphone. I started out with a terrible headset microphone and went from there.
    Also, if you’re using Premiere or Davinci Resolve – you can record the voice over *in* Premiere or Resolve while playing back the video. This fixes any sync issues you run into.

  15. If you want to comment replays, watch them a few times before commenting, then you know what to say in advance. After recording don’t evaluate the quality of your voice. Most people don’t like their own voice when it is recorded. That is because you hear it totally different because of the bone vibrations and so on. Ask someone else to evaluate it. 😉

  16. A great free video editing software is Black Magic Design’s DaVinci Resolve. The free download version does most of what the paid version offers and what’s missing is unlikely to concern people producing for web.
    For mac users quicktime has a decent screen recorder option with high bitrates and many recording options.
    If you want a bit more control over the sound of your voice you can get a inexpensive USB mixer with an analog mic such as a Sennheiser E835 or any other dynamic handheld mic and with the USB mixer improve the clarity and presence of your voice at the recording stage as opposed to trying to fix it afterwards which generally sounds more processed.

  17. Where could I go to get a intro and outro made.

  18. I use the GeForce Shadow play to record the video, then use Corel Video Studio to do all the voice and aftereffects. Corel is a one off payment (about $75USD IIRC). I’ll be getting back into my video production within the next month or so after some time away. RL Navy keeps me busy!! 😉

  19. What about using music in your intro, like ac/dc dirty deeds or something similar? How does copy right figure into that?

  20. Zoup have you tried using the built-in windows 10 recording for video at all?

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