SOME CV OP now ? World of Warships

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  1. Hosho can in one strike do as much damage as i can do in the Hermes through a Whole Battle… It is so much stronger. Also than Langley. Giving the fastest Torps double loadout is pretty insane.

  2. Tier IV carrier gameplay? Now this is a rare sight to behold

  3. Indeed, Hosho is now OP. They should reduce the dmg of each torp. The rest of the CVs are ok

  4. The CV are not OP. You are OP this game is too easy for you

  5. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    0.8 hellkuryu wants to know your location

  6. they didn’t read the changes of the AA … just have to press O when the plane comes

  7. Hosho the 1st aircraft carrier of the world

  8. Whats with the low chance for flooding.

  9. Yep…. one frickin op cv right there

  10. Low tier carriers are op, try playing ryuju in a tier 8 battle melting planes are NOT op

  11. That’s a good opportunity to grind fast through the t4 CVs, before they are going to nerf them again.

  12. RomuloCavalcanti 1905

    Low tier, yes, os OP, more planes for wave make them op

  13. Almost forgot that those ww1 dreadnoughts dont have enough aa

  14. Have they all lost rudder control?

  15. Lol gay

  16. Wait, i though Torp plane only launch 1torp

  17. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    This remembers me of the old mama Hosho video Sweet god, guess its time to grind it already after 3 years XD

  18. Tier 4 Carrier gameplay? Nice, how can you only use torpedo bombers?

    • When your planes don’t get shot down throughout most of the round, you’re able to re-use them without having to wait for them to replenish.

  19. no cv dislike

  20. Always a good game when you only lose 4 points to damage

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