Some Hawk Action – World of Warships

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British tier 8 alternative tech tree BB. I can not say I like it very much due to its dispersion and really exposed broadside but at least it is fast and capable of doing damage when the RNG does not troll you.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I loved the Hawke when I levelled through it.

    Exactly what the Monarch should be

  2. Surprising how accurate that incoming fire was from the infamous BISMARK AND GNEISENAU in the first 5 minutes…. What? That just sounds wrong. What happened to the famously inaccurate Deutsch BBs?

    • Everytime I use them at perfect targets like flambass, my shells hit all around him rather then into his citadel. I swear this game has player based rng

  3. It is amazing how the enemy team was losing on all flanks and yet on their strongest flank they had nearly full HP T9 and T8 BATTLESHIPS hiding behind islands not contributing anything to the game. Peak WoWs player base right there.

  4. dude its been a while your channel popup in the recommendation, last time i saw your video is line 2019

  5. Wtf was that dispersion, I said literally two seconds before you did.

  6. I know you are not new to this rodeo, but personally, I’d prefer it if you placed your camera over chat on screen – people rarely say much worthwhile, and it obscures the speed and shell type, but I’m sure you have your reasons! GG.

  7. I think all shells in the air should count.

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