Somers – TRIPPLE KITAKAMI Division Spotted ( WIP ) World of Warships

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Dont forget Kitakami is a Testship and Work in Progress !!!
For those curious to see it……..

Danke !


  1. Why WG has decided that this is what the game needs, I do not know. Guess playing a battleship that isn’t Thunderer will be a thing of the past.

  2. The sea is just one big bowl of torpedo soup

  3. I can’t get why the Kitakami player turned pink

  4. According to WG that is EULA violation, they are greifing enemy team. Enemy team can’t have fun while being under this torpedo torture. lol

  5. Hahaha, WG is whining over anti CV Divis (2xKidd, 1xAki) and now they bringing this Bullshit Ship back.
    There is not enough water for so many torps.

  6. Hmm. Need torp reload booster for kitakami.

  7. Was in a game with one on the na server last night he was pink also LOL but I still want one just because


  9. Triple Kitakami Divs.
    This is so Flambass, RogueMonkey and Trenlass, down the middle in Two Brothers.
    Just Watch!

  10. Kitakamis: Our torpedoes will blot out the sun.

    Everyone else: WTF man

  11. North Carolinian Mapping

    I love how the Smolensks on both sides are the first ones to die.

    • and I love that i got mine shortly before it went out of the armory for an indefinite time.

    • Not surprising, Smolensk is downright OP in the right hands, I mean I’ve gotten multiple 300k+ games in her. Yet some people don’t know how to play it and overextend. That’s what I like about playing it, you have to be strategic with your positioning and your next moves, otherwise you get punished. That’s the only balancing for it lol.

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @College Student even if you overextend only Soviet heavy cruisers and french dds can kill it coz everyone else over pins

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      @hampenpampen It is NOT coming back to the armory, ever.

  12. Imagine what will happen when they realize they can effectively crossdrop anyone if they fire from three directions!

  13. it’s not my fault if it’s effective

    – probably every war criminal ever

  14. Kitakami: coming to torp the fear in you, on a sea near you………

    (this meassage was brought to you by our sponsor, the WG shareholders)

  15. Now, imagine if all the DDs + Kitakami divs went in the same flank, (40*3)+10+15+12= 157 torps launched at the enemy.

  16. Triple kitakami vs triple Smolensk… water vs fire… who would win??

  17. the last guy who wrote “Who in WG thought the Kitakami would be a good idea”
    the answer : the guy who release Smolensk

  18. Imagine playing a submarine and suddenly watching a wall of torpedoes pass over you

  19. Dear God, that reminds me of the first T10 Meta after Release when 6 Shimas in both Teams spammed 20 KM Torps all the time…

  20. “This Kitakami division has dropped enough torpedos so that a man could walk from A cap to B cap to C cap without getting his feet wet.” – inspired by this video and wise words from Jeffrey Pelt (Hunt for Red October) 😀

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