Sometimes you just cant get a win | World of warships

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  1. Sheesh that was a painful game to watch. The rest was fantastic though.

  2. Carrier Main: Must fookin focus Celebrety. Cause he has a Flyer over his head sayin – Hit me harder.

    I like your Sarcasm.

  3. Rage on, dude. Keep it up.

  4. It’s wrong to laugh this much at someone’s suffering but your commentary is hilarious. Hope a new subscriber is consolation enough

  5. Sverre Johan Berg

    Good games, but i feel like in the first game you played way too passive in such an “agressive” ship, hardly leaving the 7 line until about 3 mins left of the game. I personally would have pushed further up rather than sit back, though some ships also just work better with some people over others.

    I’m pretty good in the Rupp and schlieffen sitting at 71% and 69% (heh) over 27 and 48 games in em. and i tend to play very agressive.

    good games though 🙂

    • It can be hard to play aggressive in this meta, especially considering there was a carrier perma spotting you. The meta isnt kind to these ships. I play aggressive when I can, but its not always easy to.

      Ive got like 500 randoms in schlieffen iirc, 55% wr

    • Its next to impossible to play aggressive ships with incompetent friendlies and even slightly competent enemies.

    • It’s easy in hindsight to say that, and i agree, but in game at the time one mistake in such specialized ships can get you nuked back to port immediately. Caution early on has treated me far better than trying to push.

  6. RC: Finally I’ve made it to the Schlieffen, finally I’ll have fun.
    Thunderer , Conde , Sherman, United States , Smolensk: Are you sure about that???

  7. In case you want to see even bigger gorillas in the game, feel free to watch my latest wows vid… Just outstanding

  8. Richard Parent-Lavoie

    It is meta…
    shouldve been 6K damade with all overpens!!!
    WOWS mecanics!!!

  9. I didn’t know Canadians had that much viciousnus in them! LOL

  10. This is painful I have had a similar issue like this in WoWs blitz with my Kansas and I lost all of my turrets no damage con in the first 30 seconds of the game and then survive on 1 hit point

  11. Is that a clan transfer that I see?
    I recently got a similar kill like you on the Brindisi. Just randomly fired at a Munchen like 15 km away from my Scharnhorst and somehow devstruck the man from 100 to 0. Never expected that.

  12. reminds me today in the Gulio Cesar, 3 matches 13 kills (5, 4, 4) and no wins. I was somewhere over 300 k damage in a tier 5.99999 BB. Still Augh! My back was broken.

  13. REALLY needs to be a IQ test for ONLINE TEAM BASED GAMES. Or at least a game awareness test.

  14. I got Schlieffen a couple of weeks ago. It is my first T – X ship, now I’m working on Conqueror, I am almost done with Monarch and ready to go to Lion, but the way has been such a PAIN.

    • good. you’re gonna play the mongueror. it s to be expectd. the line is designed to make you wanna cut off your frontal lobe to HE spam only

  15. Me who had a 13 loss streak….. yes, me very salty. And the fact that every time I in my BB shoot at someone full broadside I get 1 overpen, 1 pen (for 500 dmg) and the rest misses, bounces or shatters…..

  16. Yep, that is exactly how most of my games go and why I’m always almost chat banned as well. The people you’re forced to play alongside in this game is just criminal. And they are weak in real-life that even the slightest words said result in them reporting. WoW is full of garbage humans who can’t sail for shit.

  17. At least you got to play the game… I just had one game this weekend which my team threw in 5 minutes and 40 seconds… Tier 10!

  18. As a DD main dealing with CV’s and a friendly team who all share a braincell (but someone lost it) is the reason I stopped playing WoWs. much better for my sanity and blood pressure.

  19. This is an almost perfect example of why I no longer play my radar cruisers. Salem, Annapolis, Cleveland, etc all just stay in port. I only play my T 4 and 5 BB’s, with an occasional foray into T6 when I play my Arizona or Repulse. Radar cruisers, in my experience, sink in the first minute or two when the CVs spot them.

  20. The best form of flattery is calling them a cheater.

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