Sometimes You Just Gotta Exist! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Azur lane SN sovetskaya rossiya

    Still remember the day on the said you’ll never play the Tirpitz again and here it is AGAIN 😂

  2. GG, but imagine being restricted to a 16km range with T7 soviet Cruisers roaming the battlefield
    They could maintain their distance and burn you to death

  3. i had a 213k damage round and thought I beat spartan to the 200k club only to realize some how my battles got switched to bots and negated the whole thing.

  4. Oh yea the derpitz or as my friend and I call it the TORPITZ because TORP comes from torpedo 🤣🤣

  5. Torps for defense up close.

  6. The reason you need to yawn is a subconscious desire to passive aggressively bear your teeth. In this context I would say it represents your frustrations at the viewers demands of constant videos, but also your desire to “be a good boy”.
    So really I guess it comes down to your mother Spartan.
    Great video.

  7. Wait, you won in the tirp and survived? Yup, end times. GG.

  8. Mitchell Erickson

    This is basically the strategy for all the high tier German battleships, with or without torps. And for the most part, it just works. If played correctly, German battleships are among the most dangerous ships in the game

  9. NERF master films

    Russian battleships are coming! yaaa! on April 13th

  10. 5:30 there goes my mouse

  11. spartan I just uploaded a video of a cruiser that stopped by a island
    and didn’t see me
    anybody could check it out that would be nice

  12. I just started the Japanese side of the battleships I don’t how to feel yet hopefully is not as bad as the Germans dispersion lol

  13. Wheres the real spartan he would never play the Derpitz! Jk i am so happy right now spartan you have no idea i shouted once i saw the thumbnail. Glad you tried her out again she’s my favorite bb lots of action every match poi

  14. Gg, was a nice game,
    2158 exp on a defeat is pretty good I’d say. 130k damage too

  15. Tirpitz best ship, wish it had hydro but that but as her borther bismarck she realy did nothing in ww2 kind of sad but meh

  16. Please if you ever have the chance, do a vanguard video 🙏

  17. I have some nice footage of me chargeing 3 enemy’s with a genasinau and clapping em before I burn to death

  18. Nice to see you in the Tirpitz !

  19. When u we’re talking about the jean Bart u we’re gonna burn, u we’re talking something about the deck and this cracked me up but my subtitle had dick lol, great vid and have fun with the Russian battleships coming up

  20. USArmy Tanker137

    I tried it and I just didn’t like the Secondary build and put Hipper back on her

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