Sovetsy Soyuz 5 kills 228k dmg 13 citadels || World of Warships

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  1. Christopher Nguyen

    6:00 that’ll teach you not to show broadside 🙂

  2. This is disgusting

    • Honestly, I haven’t seen anything here that an Izumo, Musashi, or Iowa couldn’t do with the right captain. You can’t make a judgement based on one game you’ve seen.

  3. Sovetsky . You missed the K

  4. Damn this ship is scarier than the T10 Kremlin.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Another scary thing of this ship is; all T7 ships are screwed if the MM allows this ship in the same room as them.

    • Aside from having extremely good dispersion at close range, Izumo could have done basically everything you saw in this video.

  5. What does the Iowa have over this thing?! Oh that’s right, its a Russian ship that was never commissioned so it’s better than ever other BB at the tier

    • Iowa is faster, more maneuverable, has better AA, better accuracy at longer ranges, a better torpedo belt, and the coolness factor of being BB-61

    • Better AP damage, Has 3 sisterships, It is real.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      +jay Vee none of witch really helps her because of how everything works in this game.

    • +Raul Alexandru Bota Nothing is proven yet but once it is available for grinding in the game we will know if it is really overpowered or not.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      +jay Vee I was just thinking recently and I’ve decided to stop playing this game… It was beautiful at one point but now, I mean I have other way better things to do so if it’s not worth the time (for me) I won’t play it.
      Btw have a nice day!

  6. If it’s Russian and/or a paper ship (or in this case half built) people get pissy about it for some reason.

  7. Oversized Stalingrad

  8. Really 1.7 sigma?

    • Don’t worry its 2+ sigma when you are 12km or closer to the target.

    • All different nations have different dispersion curves for their battleships (how the dispersion scales when the distance increases). Russian BBs have a unique formula that gives them the best dispersion at close range, but worst at 15km and further. Sigma is not everything.

  9. Maikeru Uchiha90

    IOWA-ROMA Hybrid, das Design bassierte übrigens auf der geplanten Nachfolger Klasse der Vittorio Klasse (Roma).

  10. USSR game = USSR rules

  11. Hard to say if she’s OP cuz those guys present sweet broadside. It’s hard to resist even in a heavy cruiser.

  12. yea 5 of 6 shels in target 4:15, 5:56 ,9:25 give me 1,7 sigma on Yamato and Zao

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