Soviet Aircraft Carriers Review | World of Warships

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Soviet aircraft carriers Komsomolets, Serov, Pobeda, and Admiral Nakhimov are now available for all players to research.
00:00 – Soviet Aircraft Carriers Review
00:30 – Features of the Branch
02:05 – Upgrades
04:50 – Tactics
05:45 – The attack aircraft of the Soviet carriers are most efficient against battleships and cruisers
05:55 – Torpedo bombers are most effective against large, slow-moving targets
06:15 – Skip bombers are suitable for hitting most targets due to their long attack range and large size of the attacking flight

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  1. How to play soviet CVs: dodge flaks, do 20k damages every runs, win.

    If you didn’t hate CVs already, the soviet ones will make you hate them.

  2. Ah yes balans for everyone

  3. Nakhimov is so OP it makes the HotFix video yesterday meaningless <3

  4. love to have all these historical ships

  5. How to play:
    1)Find a random ship
    2)Get closer with all your planes
    3)Release all bombs/torpedoes/rockets safely

    Edit: Funny how they try to make you believe that the aircraft carriers of all other nations are more powerful thanks to the possibility of making more attacks with the same squadron

  6. “aircraft carriers of other nations can make several attack”
    umm, what, have you played the game? this never happens because cv’s need to predrop to avoid running out of planes to unavoidable AA in 5 minutes.
    also, recommending hidden menace? thats just tricking bad players, that skill doesnt work because it results in all your planes dying before returning

  7. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    I remember then there used to be fighters on the CVs.

    “Get closer to the enemy”? Do that when I am on my Akizuki and you will be gone.


    Also bring the old CVs back, you should have just severly nerfed them, instead of straight up removing them.

    • Hakuryu and FDR have 12 planes in a squadron so what? They still get roasted by AA or have to pre-drop which is only remains 3-6 attack planes. RU CVs are way too good in the higher tier.

    • @-The_ Emperor- On paper, what we see is 12 planes successfully launch their attacks deal way more damage than just 7 or 8.
      Ah yes, we all get it. It is just literally a dream about FDR’s squadron somehow magically surviving and launching six powerful torpedo attacks. And then we all wake up just to realize… I think I don’t need to say more.

  9. Can you make a new “How it works” for map spawning? I would like to know the WG game mechanics behind opening spawn selection before the battle starts. For example, why are ship map spawns are so close to other team mates? Why are DD’s, CA’s, or BB’s not balanced (port or starboard) on spawn deployment? It appears they are all slanted in their deployment instead of spread out on the map for spawn deployment.

  10. wows is the most unbalanced game in the world

  11. If you don’t realise that the Nakhimov and Chkalov are way broken…your balance department are not doing their job as they claimed in the previous video.

  12. Definitely. I mean they have Spanish fleet coming and already a Swedish one (both neutral countries).

  13. Why not let all carriers drop with a single load??

  14. Step 1: Imagine that the Soviets actually had aircraft carriers.

  15. the testers (if you can call these people cv testers) do the tests in cooperative battles very different from the reality of the game and in their minds it was the most perfect thing in the world!! of their imagination of course

  16. So how many of these ships were actually built and hit the water?

  17. wargaming; russian bias is a myth…lol. i wish all my CVs could drop the full flights worth of ordinance on one drop. you lose most of your planes when you are climbing away from the target before you can turn to get off a second run. the torps may do less damage per torp but every hit you get increases the odds of floods and if your damage control is down multiple floods suck your HP away faster than a big dog eats its treats. then they are given the best rocket type in the game and the skip bombers that always set 1-3 fires every time they hit you. the one run then out of harms way gimmick gives you the high likelihood of still having full flights to attack with at the end of the game when other CV lines are sending out 2-3 planes per attack that get killed before they can launch the attack. yup, no russian bias here.

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