Soviet Battleship Tease – World of Warships

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Showing off Soviet Battleships in port, all stats are work in progress and I discuss the different traits of the battleships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. If the DDs are like Cruisers, the Cruisers like BBs… So the BBs are like what? Spaceships? Jaja

  2. Should be called Russian battlestars….

  3. 360p squad where u at? 😀

  4. *cough*……… *inhales* RUSSIAN BIAS!

  5. You can bet that they will lower the citadel sooner or later because “muh strok sowjet BB citadel made out of stalinium, we found sekrit dokuments”

    • +Ivan Buncic So? Still an artificially enlarged citadel. Much Russian Bias involved.

    • +CloneD Anon Soviets started 2 Kronshtadts and 3 Soyuzes at the same time. The supercruisers were completed only at 12 and 13% in August’41, when the work was stopped. Of 3 battleships, one was canceled at 1%, second at 7%, and only one reached ~20% completeness. After 2 years. There was not enough steel even for one battleship. Especially critical were demands for gun barrels and turret armor. There was no available manufacturing area/know how even for 406mm turrets, and 457 are totally wet dream. Machine room design was a fantasy – there was no chance that inexperienced Soviets could fit 200kHP (+1/4 of Yamato’s) machinery into that relatively small hull. I could believe that was possible for Germans, which had leading designers in that area, but not Soviets which never before and never after have built anything at this level. We as well could question the AA, radar, secondary guns all remotely possible only in (late) 1950’s, but it was written so many times already… And when I see that Kremlin has more HP than already fantastic Kurfurst, it is just laughable. So sad that WG went for such nationalistic fairy tales in WW1-2 game.

    • Also sigma will get buffed.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Best part wg can’t!
      There is no splinter plating for wg to lower it too from T3-T9.
      With the exception that is Kremlin (having a near identical citadel to Conqueror).
      Non of the Russian BBs are citadel proof (with the exception of maybe October Revolution).

      All the pre dreadnoughts have a citadel proof German turtleback. BUT their citadel extends above waterline – having the same weakness as Nikolai – so all you have to do is aim to the upper portion of the main belt to hit the longitudinal citadel bulkhead.

  6. “THE CITADEL IS OUT OF THE WATER!? How will they survive!?” Here we go again.. I was waiting for him to say that this will force BB players to skillfully be aware of the battle and the angle of their ship, but I was wrong. Just more cries for brain dead gameplay.

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer You think too much… It’s simple just an arcade game, no real ballistic or something… Armor plating is not as complex as you think… The real Iowa has a fking ton of armor plates at different angles, but in game… Yeah 2 layers fully flat…

    • That’s the thing with YouTubers or community in general. Ship has a citadel over the water? SHIT SHIP PLEASE BUFF! Ship has a citadel under the water? COMPLETELY OP!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      +jotasmail actually its 3 layers 38mm weather deck, 127-152mm armour deck and lastly 38-16mm splinter decks. irl Iowa isn’t that complex honestly, albeit the decaping plates aren’t modelled in wows, because it is indeed an arcade game.

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer That is the key… Decaping plates are not modeled, hardened plates, even the wood deck is just a skin. That is what I mean ??

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nuno Pedro
      Yamato’s citadel is incorrectly modelled.
      Technically she has a 18mm splinter plating over her boiler/engine sections, meaning they should be actually just below waterline like Iowa/Monty.
      However her magazines don’t have such extra plating – so even though her mags are in fact underwater – they should be as high as the currently are, along with her infamous cheeks weakness.

  7. Imho… the stats are suprisingly balanced. Only gimmicky thing is obviously radar and needs to be tested.

    • I don’t really see the point of the radar … I don’t think I would use it.

    • +Edi J I see your concerns and for this matter WG is already sending freshmen, like me, to the gulags. (Regarding T10) HE-spam is somewhat not fully on par with Conqueror, because of a long reload and a tiny difference of dmg potential which hampers the DPS (eg. Montana can shoot 12×3 every 30s and each HE-Shell has a potential of 5700, whereas the RN T10 has 9×3 every 34s with 6600) and on top of it you cant easy camp like the ConBBQ with 20,7km range. It´s only competing factor is fire chance, let alone turret traverse truely is useful in close quarters only, but why should you do this in a bb anyway (yeah germans maybe…) Im very curious of “how much skill” a player needs in order to use those ships.

    • +Edi J the thing is, i think all the guns have like 1.7 or 1.8 sigma. which in high tiers is pretty bad lol

    • currently Conqueror has the hardest hitting guns in the game, like 200 damage more than Yamato, NOW this T10 Kremlin will be the hardest hitting game in the game by like 1000 damage… it’s a huge step up.

    • Well, there’s also that Damage Control Party which I assume is the same used on the October Revolution (faster cooldown but limited charges)

  8. t10 better concealment than moskva makes senses WG

  9. seems fairly balanced, has strong points and strong weaknesses.

  10. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    I would like to point out that WG purposefully raised Kremlin’s citadel to main belt level, understandably for balance reasons.
    Kremlin actually has a low British style underwater citadel shielded by a 75mm splinter plate for her magazines (which is highly detrimental considering that 75mm armour could be used to shield her mags against AP bombs, similar to Conqueror and her 63mm splinter deck for her mags) and a 20mm splinter plating for her engine/boiler sections.
    Regardless it must be for balance reasons.

    Furthermore T8 and above Russian Battleships have this British style underwater citadel armour scheme. HOWEVER these ships do not have any special splinter plating over their magazines, boilers, engines – WHICH IS WHY they have Massive Citadels up to belt line level. (only Kremlin is the exception).

    In fact no Russian BB in wows is citadel proof from what I’ve seen.
    (With the exception of perhaps October Revolution).

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Glad we finally got a skill based BB tree after all this years xD

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nanchisan Nanchisan
      Shocking part is that it’s Russian!
      Ya the lack of splinter plating on Nelson is also the reason as to why her citadel is massive up to belt line level, even though her citadel is underwater like typical RN BBs.

  11. This line will come before alaska lol

  12. Ramp on the Lenin is most likely to recover their float planes…?

  13. The ramp at the aft of Lenin is for deploying tanks to kill submarines for the motherland

  14. The German ships need a buff once and for all for the main guns, The Russians shoot better at close range, the french secondaries have more range and the US has AA and radar . PLEASE start pushing for German Buffs!

    • +Wind yes, you have to be under 9km range from the opponent so that you maybe hit 2 out of 6 shots when playing the gneisenau. The playstyle just doesn’t reward good players/aiming since you can’t hit shit

    • +Kuhluh why? No one is asking for sniper accuracy, but for accuracy that let’s you hit something thats more than 10km away from you..

    • +Tiago Casquinho because I want the germans to be unique
      Yes, the dispersion is sometimes really infuriating, but if you want mid range battleships, theee are already enough out there (for example the french, and the russians seem to be mid range bbs too).

    • YES ! PUSH THIS !
      They dont have to be super accurate, but they need better vertical dispersion so badly !
      But as the FdG buff proved, WG is not willing to give that to them. They ll only give them minor things like better secondary pen and shit…

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      A tiny bit more accuracy and lower gun range…?

  15. The nose probably “VLS” system??? Lol

  16. Does concealment even matter hardly anymore because of CVS in the game

  17. 17KM range is pretty average so I’m not sure why you think its shallow. some tier 8’s don’t have much better

  18. HMS Warspite is wondering why 17 km ranged guns is a problem at T6 when she only has 16.3* km range and seems to do just fine.

    *(Without spotter plane.)

  19. 1:10 the opposite is the case… My tier VII gneisenau also has like 16km range.. And yes I won’t put the range upgrade..
    It’s good cause it forces u to play close range and support ur DD..

  20. Honestly that radar seems way too situational. I’d probably chose the fighter over it because CVs are balanced. Also I hope they give the higher tier ones at least one extra repair party charge given how insane high tier cruisers, DDs, and carriers are

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