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Discussing my excitement the Soviet Battleship line to release, address some legit concerns that they are too strong. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Stalingrad Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Rusty Shackleford

    5:22 no.. They’ll have the best win rate because they’re completely broken

    • Rusty Shackleford explain EXACTLY how they are broken

    • Rusty Shackleford

      +Mc Nuffin look at ichase’s newest video

    • Was fighting the tier 9 Russian BB OPG player with my Seattle, took him from full health to 3k hp when I started at 5k hp in open water at ranges of 11.5 to 12.5 he only lived because he kitted away from me and Seattle guns aren’t the greatest at range. So unless an open water Seattle is broken as well they aren’t that broken.

  2. The t5 has so much bow armor that even yamato cannot overpen it….and they say that GC is overpowered…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nikolai is the same as well, and that thing is still op for its tier.

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer i have the nikolai.The t5 peter Is a tech tree ship..that’s the diffrence..everybody can have it.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      shet you’re right, I keep thinking Peter is a t5 comrade-kongo Russian premium battlecruiser like PEF. my bad – that is indeed worrying.

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Have you seen iChase latest video?

  3. Russell Blackburn

    The armor is too insane. There’s never been a ship with enough armor built to be able to shrug off a 18 inch shell.

    • You beat me to it lol… The Yamato was the only ship in history to have such monstrous guns and nothing which existed could bowtank something so large in calibre…

      So I find this a typical wargaming move to make something which never existed to be OP and Russian…

    • Russell Blackburn

      ​+Hunter McNeer The Iowa had slanted interior armor designed for long distance fighting, and not close in battles. I would love to see some sources backing up your opinion on the penetration values of the largest naval rifles ever fitted to a warship.

    • +Hunter McNeer shells only drop down into the deck when low shell velocity is a factor…the higher the speed, the lower the angle of shell. It’s why a lot of American ships were able to do plunging fire, due to low shell velocity, whilst vessels of other nations were capable of more flat trajectory’s due to increased speed of shells.

    • @Russell Blackburn I agree the Russian BB’s armor is insane and broken. Look at ichasegaming’s vid on the T5 BB. The T5 bow in, bounces yammy shells at point blank range.

    • +mutt152 wait, a tier five can bounce a yamato’s 18″ shells? I’m incredulous…

  4. Fact is, nothing with a 16 second reload should ever be able to do 30k dmg in one salvo. That’s so dumb, the Stalingrad is more like a tier 12

    • +Gleveland Sorry but I have to disagree. The Moskva has a better bow than the Stalin. Ask anyone who plays both ships. The Moskva can tank better than Stalingrad.
      Only one counter? I said both a Des Moines and a Moskva will beat a Stalingrad in a 1v1, BBs also don’t have too much trouble if you know where to aim. And once you get closer to the Stalin, itss even easier to hit his weak points (Overmatching for BBs and HE pens for cruisers).

    • +Darknimbus Are you serious? Moskva has a 25mm bow with the lower part being 50mm if I remember correctly. Meaning any battleship with decent aim will citadel it through the nose. Stalingrad has a 32 mm bow, so only a Yamato will overmatch it. Any Stalingrad player with a brain cell will break the Des Moines guns at close range and then just HE spam them to death (I main Des Moines, so I know from experience). There is no way Moskva, Des Moines, Minotaur, or any other cruiser in the game for that matter can be better than Stalingrad. Put the same player in both ships and the Stalin will always come out on top.

      Edit: Just remembered they nerfed Stalingrad’s bow armor. Still doesn’t change the fact that it is superior to every other cruiser in every way save for maneuvering and stealth.

    • +Mwi O I’m sorry but you’re wrong. You don’t have a Stalingrad I’m guessing. Stalingrad has a 25mm bow just like the Moskva. The difference being that the 25mm is a little more prominent for the Stalin. The Moskva’s 50mm armor goes higher than the Stalin, giving less area for the BBs to overpen. And you won’t citadel a Moskva from the front, unless it’s plunging fire through the nose. HE spam them to death? With that rate of fire, I doubt that. And the DM could break the guns of the Stalin even faster if it wanted to. Rate of fire does that. And at medium range the DM will HE spam the Stalin to death. At close range it will HE pen the Stalin to death.

    • +rishakrisha777 um the Des Moines cannot do that much dmg every 5 seconds, I don’t care how close you are, you might be able to get that dmg by ramming

    • +rishakrisha777 did you even know how much armor penetration AP shell of stalingrad (and kronshtadt) have at long range?

  5. So YOU are saying the GUILIO nerf no comment this new line slight tweak to an op tier 5 what did they promise you notser?

  6. yay! more russian bias.

  7. Your reviews have begun to seem like wg propaganda. Your saying an op ship makes you a team player. Its just dumb. Soviet ships have german bb armor w yamato dmg, super accuracy, rn turn radius and good concealment. So many Soviet ships are OP, why not a whole line this time. Why is that good? Your bought and paid for by wg. As a cc you should be ashamed. Bad review, this sounds like propaganda.

    • Exactly. Here’s a summery of this video: The Soviet BBs feel amazing! They do everything battleships should do! They do everything better than all other battleship lines. But that’s fine because… its fun for the player? It sure as hell isn’t fun for anybody who faces these paper ships. Notser 2019, “The Soviet BBs feel amazing and do everything well, and that’s why they are okay to put into the game.”

    • So true, Notser sounds completely bought and paid for by WG! Company man all the way, no matter how it hurts the players. Too bad, I used to like his Videos…now all propaganda.

    • Michael Van Garrett II

      Hahhaaa….Notser drinking some of that Russian bias koolaid.

  8. WOW, the perfect BB line is born and its …..surprise surprise…….Russian.
    The Russian have built their last BB in WW1, after that they never completed a new BB.
    And now WG take all their wonderful paperships and make the best BBs out of them for WOWS
    The other side is they powercreeped all other BB lines and maybe the CAs too.
    Look at the Guilo C. , WG nerft GC and bring a new T5 RU BB in the game which is better than the old T5 GC.
    I am really impressed by this company, i wish i know what kind of shit they are taking.
    And they will have the best winrate because they made for that, if not WG will buff them.

    • +Tylar W To some extent, I get you, but from everything I’ve seen, the need to “figure out” a specific strat makes a ship kind of unique in this game all on it’s own, don’t you think? At least to the level these ones are? In the past, when the comminuty didn’t react strongly to ships that appeared on first sight “op”, the “they will fix before release” mentality got us some pretty unbalanced ships for a while. Hard to tell which side of the pendulum swing this is, but the reactions certainly aren’t completely without warrant, all things WG considered.

    • +kaz For sure but, if people want these ships changed it needs to go to WG forums. Not saying they’ll listen but if enough people voice their opinions with helpful suggestions then maybe WG will listen and implement a solution both sides can agree on.

    • +Tylar W pfft sorry man, but there you’ve lost me 100%. If WG wants good will AND to charge 100 bucks for a halfway decent ship, they gotta meet us halfway, and they flat out have not. People making a stink on youtube and reddit has actually caused real change to happen before, with this gaming community no less. It’s worked before, so they will continue doing it, and rightly so. If you setup a way for people to give feedback, then almost NEVER react in a way that goes in line with those suggestions / concerns, people will stop playing, or find another way to get their message across.
      I myself would rather people didn’t just leave, but I understand when you feel like a dev has abandoned any hope of making the game fun in exchange for the most amount of cash they can make without ever actually releasing an ACTUAL GAME, people don’t take things on faith at that point. WG knows this. So do you. They want good will back, they have to actually deliver. No excuses, no bullshit, no more delay. Otherwise they will continue to hear complaints thru every means people can find, as they feel let down / ripped off / time wasted. They already payed good damned money for the ships, and spent years of their time grinding away in game, so I understand why they feel that way. Only one way to fix a sentiment like that once it starts to really grow; Positive results, without charging AGAIN.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Tylar W Just nerf their concealment and rudder shift and add a small 3 or 4 sec extra to turret traverse and they’re fine. As the soviet BB’s are now even with their raised citadel anyone with a concealment build can sneak their Kreml with 108 thousand HP 13.6km close to their target. Anyone with situational awareness higher than a disabled sloth will know where the big gun BB’s are and angle and excuse me but if I can torpedoebeat in a Kurfurst we definitely can in the Kreml which has the best BB rudder next to Bourgogne I think.

  9. They will have the highest “win rate” thats because they are OP and not balanced with the rest of the ships in game. I dont want to be forced to play Russian ships because the rest are crap.

  10. This video feels like Communist propaganda, but okay…

  11. Being Russian, we know these ships will never be nerfed.
    If they were Italian………………………

  12. Notser dude the Stalingrad dont have hydro. it only have defensive AA

  13. Dude, if you have to buff every other BB to bring them into line with the Soviets, the Soviets are broken.

    We all knew they would be. It’s been a meme for 4 years.

    It’s hilarious. You can tell these were made specifically for the Russian server where, just like WOT, everything happens at close range. But these weren’t the first “brawlers”. US BBs were supposed to be brawlers too. Then Germans came along and were better brawlers. Now the Russians are here and they’re even better brawlers. This is getting stupid.

    • I agree with you, If the only way to combat this new line of BB’s is to buff every other line of BB’s then clearly the new line is broken and OP?

    • +Michael Van Garrett II Communism so strong that not a single one of these were built during the Communist era. The ones that did actually exist were built pre-revolution.

  14. listening to this feels like someone defending an OP line (posted this at 6 mins in)

    • Kompat Ekkawinsakul

      Listening to this video, we feel like to uninstall the game. When the stats of characters (ships) has extreme “inverse bell curve” and 99.9% of player can’t access to OP character, let everyone play the shit ship. It too unbalanced, it feels like 99.9% of player doesn’t exist in the game like a pawn that can’t do anything in the game the only purpose is to feed the 0.1% of the player so they can laugh all day. Remove steelpid ship and CV, or give shit RNG to the “skillful” player when they play OP ship is helping the game than anything.

    • charliedontsurf334

      A whole line of Stalingrads. Just what this game needs….

    • Michael Van Garrett II

      Notser drinking some of that Russian bias koolaid.

  15. Notser, you are so bought and paid for. I think we are all sick of hearing “These new russian ships are the best.” And you saying “And that’s a good thing.” Keep reminding me why I quit playing this game.

  16. Hummm… I’m hoping I miss understood what he said… Armor laughing at yamato shells, guns more precise than any other BB.. All the tools you could need… Top notch AA… All on the same nation line up… Would be… Doing wonderful things for the game? He’s actually excited about This? I usually enjoy notser’s video But I must say I was expecting all along that at some point it would reveal to be sarcasm… But it never came… Maybe someone will correct me but until then.. I do not share his views.

    • Err have you seen the side armor of the Kremlin and Sovetski Soyuz? Their citadel is OUTSIDE their hull and massively above water!

  17. No, there’s nothing exciting about the Soviet BBs. They are all bb super-ships with massive strengths where it counts and irrelevant weaknesses. They are Russian bias made manifest.

    • Michael Van Garrett II

      World of Tanks and World of Warplanes Russian bias finally comes to World of Warships. Now the true power of communism can begin.

  18. Notser, why are you so terrified to say what everyone can hear you describe….the Russian BBs are Way Too powerful!! They need to nerf the guns, a lot! These ship’s will make all other BBs obsolete and pathetic. You do great videos but you feel too obligated to be a “company man” for WG. Please be more willing to criticize what demands criticism.

  19. “Today, we are discussing the Russian battleships.”
    *Sees Stalingrad*
    Russian bias intensifies XD

  20. Watching this game only convinced me how disgustingly OP and stupid the Stalingrad is. That you want this for the Russian BB line is just breathtaking, Notser. I respect your input to the game and I’m a loyal subscriber. But this is the first Dislike I’ve given you. The Italian navy ACTUALLY existed and has only been implemented as a few premiums. The Russian BB is 80% paper and it’s going to be implemented as a range of super-duper ships that conquer all before them and you’re cheering it on because it might encourage more aggressive gameplay from some (Soviet) BB captains. Gimmie a break.

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