Soviet Stronk! – World of Warships Russian Battleship

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  1. May you try some another tier 1-9 ships that you must show your experience
    on first play
    and almost to be a super and anybody agree?

  2. So how drunk were you when you made this video? Not judging … just
    wondering ………

  3. David “madindie” Dew

    Lol nice vid mate, I like the cut of Ye Jib. Back to my beer

  4. Weird.My NIkolai battleship has the Imperial Russian Navy flag but yours
    has the communist flag? I’m on Asian server so maybe that’s the difference

  5. Chikuma’s do not have torps, for future reference :)

  6. MAMA of epicness Yo

    I like the german ships because they look cool

  7. I just bought this ship. It can destroyer a tire 5 and 6 battleship. This
    is beast.

  8. I want submarines in this game :D

  9. That was….actually quite well played, baron.

  10. Ooooohhhh how wunderbaaaaar !!!!


  12. its all about the beard baron

  13. The color fidelity has really gone up with this patch, amazing backdrops to
    launch Potatus trough

  14. This ship looks like it came out of a Jules Verne book

  15. Russian ship*

  16. Kiev OP

  17. I really miss wt vids with you Phly and Jack :(

  18. What ship should I play next? Let me know!
    Pull the trigger on that like button if you dish out the torpedus!

  19. ap on dd, what a nooooooooooooooooob

  20. Very nicely done!

  21. great vid Baron! keep up the great work

  22. Now the Polish ship Błyskawica is coming out. Looks awesome.

  23. This game is just a hype fuel for War Thunder fleet)

  24. Gotta love the turret turn rate and gun reload time.

  25. hi

  26. lol u still have the quick chat enabled? . gawd i handled it for about a

  27. do the ishizushi

  28. I want one I really want one ?

  29. Massive russian potato launchers you got there

  30. Hi Baron :D

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