Soyuz 283k DMG and Kremlin Devstrike || World of Warships

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  1. 11:47 What you came for

  2. FlashBack / Striker99

    5:38 what’s the difference between a beginner and a noob? A beginner learns from mistakes and a noob never learns it. #T10 #DM

  3. Soyuz and kremlin are Both great

  4. Yussid? Strange pseudo-Russian…

  5. How in the hell did that DM player get to tier x?

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Farming exp
      getting brothers account playing for about 4 years like a potato
      Welcome t10 another noob to the mm at last

  6. ahah coc 56 ^^

  7. Soyuz can be citadeled by DD AP..
    WG has no more concentration ledt for T9 when building T10.
    F armor scheme. Bet they made it by toes

  8. Well done.

  9. Balls of stainless steel!

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