Spartan Elite43’s Alabama Battleship | World of Warships Legends

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Checking out Spartan Elite43’s game in the Alabama, the premium tier 7 USN American Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends, the free to play console game on PS4 and XBox 1. American Battleship tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in an Alabama.


  1. Another collab? I’m not complaining.

  2. love the bama. Like the grad spee, my first two games were Krakens, almost broke 200k damage the first one. As for the damage against the Scharnhorst, I scored my only citadel on one with the bama at max range, plunging fire through the deck.

  3. I’m glad you explained why and when to use your repair for fires. I have been confused about why I should let a fire burn, but now that I heard you speak to it as being minor damage, it all makes sense.
    Kudos for telling before I could ask.

  4. Appreciate the Collab as always Tbull keep up the great work!

    I will be posting your video tonight

  5. T7 would be far more enjoyable if this were tech tree and the Awoi the reward ship.

  6. I enjoy these collaborations. Spartan’s BB game play with your breakdown of it is a great combination. Thanks to both of ya.

  7. Yessss love the collaboration vids. Keep it up guys!

  8. Nice game and great gameplay from Spartan
    Hope to see you both in a division (cross play)

  9. Decent game in a decent looking ship ? though looks very similar to the Iowa if honest, nothing spectacularly different ? correct me if I’m wrong though. gg cmdr 07

  10. Teamwork makes the dream work! Lol… WG made good choices for CCs and love to see the collabs

  11. 3:01 DUDE ! don’t be telling ppl that !

  12. Thoughtful Gamer (AGG)

    When Spartan said you guys would “swap videos,” I expected you would post on each other’s channels for some reason. Good work regardless

  13. Ryan Franklin Brown

    I can’t wait to get her. Alabama is my home state an I’ve been on the ship a few times even did the scene from titanic on her bow ? So I’m grinding like hell lol. An keep up the good content.

  14. Closed captions always murder ship names. Mogami appeared as Me Oh My and Jervis appeared as Jordan

  15. Power is fully back online, woohoo!!!! I finally sunk you last night in your maass. I was in an icarus, torp kill. I was actually going for the BB behind u. We did lose the game tho. I sent you a well played message. I kept wondering who the hell was in the maass cuz I couldn’t get around the corner cuz u kept shooting me, I noticed at the end it was u.

  16. i just broke a 217k game on my iowa thanks to the tip of aiming at the upper structure of the scharnhorst. sadly it didn’t record all of the game it did capture the turning point of the 3v6. i’m hoping that maybe you can watch it when i upload it

  17. Tbull, are you close to getting Alabama? I’m interested in seeing what you think of the ship.

    Spartan is entertaining and he is a great BB captain but my playstyle is much different than his.

  18. Is there anyway to get the Alabama at the moment without converting xp?

  19. I sent a link for this video to a couple of friends of mine, as I think it does a better job than most in summarizing your tips for tactical success. Nice work, and thanks for the effort in putting this out there.

  20. Can’t seem to stop being deleted within first two min of match in vanguard. As soon as I’m spotted the whole shoots me. I’m on Xbox.

    • If you’re getting killed that fast you’re taking shots into the side, so you need to work on the angling. That’s a punishing ship when not angled well

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