Spartan Unleashed the Kraken! | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Gameplay replay of a Kraken in Jean Bart in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available for Xbox1 and PS4.


  1. Wha? Not an Iowa? Heresy! Not complaining though, Jean Bart is my favorite BB! 👌

  2. ” u got plenty of time… shoot your shot… pull out” gettin a little sexual there for a split second lmao

  3. Nice game Spartan! And thanks to both of you for displaying a Jean Bart in an aggressive role!

  4. I don’t like to see JB’s move. I like them in the back waiting for their team to die so they can finish off low health targets with HE spam.
    GG Spartan.

    • LoL Yeah JB players traded their Iowas in and keep forgetting that they have a counter now! Namely Firestarters wreck JBs not to mention the Torps that sneak up on them while they are seemingly 20km from anyone but somehow spotted

    • @Spartan Elite43 lol. strange how those torpedoes appear out of nowhere. almost as if a plane dropped them.

    • @none definitely those pesky Subs in Legends

  5. Hopefully players can learn from this that the mini map isn’t just taking up space on the screen. Good job, l enjoy these collaborations and hope to see some more. Maybe matchmaking will grace us all and randomly put you two in the same match someday. Stay safe.

  6. I got 188k in the Jean Bart last night, I started as mostly typical JB captains do while making fun of myself and others for doing it.

  7. Great game, after the initial losses, I thought his team was done but he manage to carry his team

  8. I’m glad that tbull has the same opinion about stationary JB players that never moves. I hate those players and I too think those are terrible scared players that are afraid to move. Spamming HE annoys the ever loving shit out of me

  9. Great game. Well played.

  10. Now the captions say ‘Stiebel’ instead of TBull 😂😂😂

  11. I’m new to your channel and just subscribed 🙂
    But I got to say you sounded like a flight attendant or pilot at the end of the vid ;D

  12. 21 sec reload why can’t Richelieu have that

  13. Glad to see you guys network with one another. No rivalry or drama. 🙏

  14. I just watched both videos. Gg guys

  15. Thanks for sharing this. Love these collaborations between you Spartan as well as Tactic. Be great to see the carnage that the three of you could inflict if all teamed together!

  16. I managed to sink Spartan the other day in his amagi. It was an honour

  17. Damn bro it’s 2020 and you are uploading in 720p 😢

  18. Loving these collabs. I really love the small community on this game.

  19. Just watched your Chapayev match, outstanding!!! I only watch you two.

  20. How you give spartan a cruiser to review?? Lol not a battleship or British dd ?

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